Why programmers are Lazy and Dumb

It sometimes hurt for sure. I remember an incident when my boss asked me to arrange and check few mysql tables and arrange them in excel. I told myself, “oh God, it will take atleast an hour and such a hectic work. I will do a small program for it”. It just took me almost 3 hours before my boss shouted at me for being lazy and over possessed with programming. I finally did it manually but realized that I am really born lazy and thus an artistic programmer. I love programming and I can spend hours and days to see a final product smiling.

The first paragraph was to say that almost all programmers are Lazy and Dumb. I also want to share an amazing article on this topic (Philipp, this is one my fav blog post), http://blog.outer-court.com/archive/2005-08-24-n14… 

We had some incidents when our programmers were smart and ended up with laugh.

We programmed for IP telephony with Asterisk (the open source PBX) and the set various options, option 1 to talk to consultant and option 2 to something and so on.
One customer shouted at our customer care, “Why the hell do you need to do a blood test for counseling?, bloody option # 5“. We relooked at the option and it said press 5 for podcasting (lol).

Another incident. I asked a customer, “Tell me your Internet browser and then I will be able to help”. Customer, “I have a PC, if you can tell me how does a Internet browser look like then I can tell you”.

A programmer certainly needs to be dumb and ask all the dumb question to make the program really simple. I am lazy but failing to be dumb and working very hard to be dumb.

WordPress and PHPlist – Jesse heap helps

After finishing my work on wordpress single user 2.0.4 and making it a multi user I wanted to work on phplist. I really like the work that is done and I have forwarded it to all whom I knew for testing. Hedir.com has implemented it and are happy about it. I know I need to make a post for it. You can find some of the features at Hedir.com (including a demo blog). Many could not believe it yet. Few people told me that its not possible as a team of professionals must be working at mu.wordpress.org to make it a multi-user and how could you overtake them in just a day. I have done and am very happy about it. Keeping myself humble I must say that its the experience that helped me do this. I will surely write and show you how it works.

I was very excited to integrate phplist with wordpress. I was studying the code and was not very happy with the standards. I delayed phplist integration and thought of using an existing package. I did a Google to find http://docs.phplist.com/IntegratingPhpListWithOthe… . I thought of trying http://www.jesseheap.com/projects/wordpress-phplis… and applied the plugin within the sidebar. It did not work. I was tired with weeks hectic work and wanted to avoid debugging and I contacted Jesse Heap.

(I am putting the mails in blog as it will only do good to both of us)

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Guruji.com – Indian Google? GYMA Comparison chart

Who should read this: Though it’s title is guruji.com but it is a small analysis of Search engine working. Anyone who is interested in search engine optimization can analyze it and understand SEs working. Small keyphrases and small data sample give bigger clues. Interesting factor is DMOZ listing and Content value. If you want me to do something with the sites let me know I may do it to help you analyse.

I was contacted to review guruji.com supposedly an Indian replacement for Google.

Here is my small analysis for different search engines,

  1. Google.com/search?q=aji+issac
    I searched for “aji issac” and it gave me www.idealwebtools.com/blog/  and idealwebtools.com as first 2 results. It doesn’t have 0catch site in top 10.
  2. Yahoo.com
    www.ajiissac.0catch.com and www.ajiissac.0catch.com/Aji.html followed by idealwebtools.com blog and all my other articles.
  3. MSN
    idealwebtools.com above idealwebtools.com/blog/ and then some forum topics followed by one blog aimk.wordpress.com where my name is only mentioned once. Many other topics where my name is only mentioned once.
  4. Ask
    idealwebtools.com , no blog URL in top 10, followed by ajiissac.0catch.com
  5. guruji.com
    No Trace of idealwebtools.com and have all the blogspot blogs where my name is only mentioned once (blogroll).

What did I expect?
I expected idealwebtools.com/blog/ to be at #1 followed by idealwebtools.com domain and then forums and articles from other sites. Also in between 0catch and ajiissac.blogspot can also be adjusted. I am active on idealwebtools.com blogs for over 1 year and I have not touched 0catch for almost 3 years now. I did some keyword optimization on 0catch as those were my early days of SEO.


  1. Google is very intelligent it checks the traffic, activity, content is not than important as that on links, what ever has more links is on top. Active status is also helping it. 0catch a keyword rich site is not in top 20 says it all.
  2. Yahoo believes in Content as it value content over anything else. 0catch is on top which does not have even one visitor in a month and hardly any links.
  3. MSN gives value to main domain over internal pages, idealwebtools.com coming before idealwebtools.com/blog is surprising. Rest is low quality forum pages for me, I do not know why is it ranking.
  4. Ask have no blog URL, very surprising. It does not value links at all, it focuses on content and keywords.
  5. Guruji needs to improve it is just showing all the links from blogspot, is it a blog search. Very surprising, they need to improve a lot.

One big factor
0catch has a DMOZ listing (check Mathew, Aji Issac), I use to love DMOZ before I started helping Hedir to devour it.

I think I should spent some time and do a better analysis as I know what I did with all these sites. Also I know that there is no Aji Issac who has a better online presence. You too can do some analysis and put your expert views here.

Indian orkut – goyaar.com

There have already been some raised eyebrows over my excessive blogging about orkut, here is some oil to the fire. India has a new version of orkut, goyaar.com (“Yaar” means friend in Hindi).

Also orkut.com is banned in many Indian offices due to excessive misuse of office bandwidth and office time. Goyaar can act as a replacement for orkut for few days before it gets a ban. Orkut helped me study few things about social networking and web 2.0 marketing. Looking forward for goyaar.com.

You may have to pay more to talk over net

Todays eco times covered the following story which may be some interest to our blog readers,

The government proposes to put its stamp of authority over one chunk of hitherto unregulated cyberspace: internet telephony offered by companies like Yahoo, MSN, Skype, Mediaring, Packet8, Dialpad, Amazon, Impetus, Euro, Net2Phone Bandtel and Euro.

Internet telephony, so far a saviour for millions of Indians with kin abroad, is set to become costlier, once the government finalises a proposal to bring internet companies like those mentioned above under the ambit of the country’s Internet Service Provider license.

For consumers, this simply means a rise in tariffs as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or a net telephony call on Skype or Yahoo will soon attract a service tax of 12.24%, in addition to a revenue share of 6%.

More details at economictimes.indiatimes.com

It covers about a typical orkut problem, a community which says, “I Hate India”. We had already run a campagin against this group, Google should be deleting this community from orkut. Echo times says,

This comes on the heels of similar attempts to regulate the services offered by global online giants in India. Google should know, or it will, once the Maharashtra government follows the Bombay High Court’s order to issue the company a notice on allegedly spreading hatred against India through a community called ‘I hate India’ on its social networking site Orkut.

A keyphrase document

I wrote a keyphrase analysis document at webmasterworld which is now available in the library, http://www.webmasterworld.com/libraryv4.cgi?viewforum=8 (the first one, a guide to keyphrase analysis) , at webproworld there were discussion about this document.

You can directly access it from http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum8/1560.htm.

This is just another excuse for not writing an useful post today. I am coming late and then GYM session is draining my energy off. Tomorrow I will be coming a little early to compensate for it. I am working on P3P (Privacy Preferences Project) as myblogplanner is getting blocked when used with IE. There is a problem with third party cookies and IE’s medium level privacy (default these days) setting.

I know how to fix it, I will be doing it in a day or two but before that I wanted to read more about P3P and its implications. Also I studied about Microsoft Phishing Filter Add-in for MSN Search Toolbar (which will be a head ache with IE 7). I have done my studies now need some practical checking. Hopefully on Saturday I will spend some time with it.

Good night people.

Ajesh got placed in Wipro

I did say Good night in my last post as I was tired. I think today was a good day rather a better day as my Brother got placed in Wipro. As any other freasher he was worried about his placement and God Almighty helped him to get into one of the best companies.
Ajesh got placed in Wipro

His name is Ajesh Issac and he is a fourth year student of Computer Science Engineering. Wishing him all the very best, well done bro.

Once again a good night.

YPE camp 2006 – Bhelai

I am very tired after hectic work. I think I should take some rest tonight instead of blogging. People across the globe (esp Ex YPE secretaries, Mr Gigi Thomas from Qatar and Miss Merlin Luckose from Canada, they have all reasons too :)) are eagerly waiting to see the camp pics. Today morning I did try to upload it to yahoo directory but it did not work out. I then uploaded some of the images to http://fotogal.net/galleries/AjiNIMC/ypecamp. I already have some pics uploaded for the blog.

(Some of our back benchers after a sleepless night, first session of the camp)

(Some of our back benchers after a sleepless night, first session of the camp)

The breakfast session

The Lunch session, we managed to take it to our rooms, later many other followed the method. Was it illegal?

Early morning 6:30, morning tea session. I was sitting ok, it the photographers fault. I am too lazy to make rotate it 90 deg using photoshop. Sorry for the inconvenience.

True winners, two winners. Our Pastor, our coach and our captain, our YPE sec< br/>

We call it Mukka Lath session. We had almost 30 seats, half compartment booked. We called all junis and then it was Mukka lath session. Anson getting his share.

I will uploading more pics tomorrow morning. Keep watching.

Update 12 oct: Added more pics at http://in.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ajiissac1/album?.dir=/fc02scd&.src=ph&.tok=phMxQpFBkVO7I7pu

11 lessons for budding entrepreneurs

As told earlier, here is the alpha (#1) post for the 101 series. With next 100 days I am planning to touch the omega (# 101). The first in series is the “11 lessons for budding entrepreneurs”. First 8 points were taken from another entrepreneur Sanjeev Kumar. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Portal Player Inc, known around the world as the company that supplies chips to Apple for its hugely popular iPod. It develops “semiconductor, firmware and software platforms for portable multimedia products such as personal media players, secondary display enabled notebook computers and personal wireless entertainment devices”. At the Tie-ISB Connect 2006, Sanjeev Kumar spoke about the eight lessons he has learnt as an entrepreneur . These are mantras that all budding entrepreneurs should keep in mind. I will putting my thoughts in it.

  1. Sanjeev: It always takes a long time to establish a company.
    Me: Our own calculation always delay. We thought we will touch our expectation within the calculated time but the IT architecture took more than our expectation (but it has become one of the best for online business). Also there are unexpected problems like HR drain at very wrong time pulling you back.
  2. Sanjeev: It always costs more (than you thought it would) to start a company.
    Me: We thought we will shift shift our own office but the government delayed the whole plan forcing us to buy another temporary building. Any such examples are there.
  3. Sanjeev: We need leaders, not managers, for an enterprise to succeed.
    Me: This is the biggest challenges a start up company faces. An actor who can direct, produce, write and act is the required for startup companies. Very tough to get as many good people are not convinced that your company has a greater vision. For this go for colloquia, talks, parties before going a placement. Introducing your company to good people is the most important factor. It cant be done at a PPT (Pre placement talks). Many of our company people are from my own B-school as they have heard about the company from me.
  4. Sanjeev: Perseverance pays. You have to believe in what you are creating, and keep the faith. In 2001, many people told us we were over, but we are still here.
    Me: Even do not go down for a minute in front of your team as they are looking upto you. Most of the time you are the only source of inspiration and motivation. Many a times we were discouraged but we kept the faith in what we were doing.
  5. Sanjeev: History does not always repeat itself.
    Me: Every single case needs to be handled carefully, do not just sit back and apply the last successful method for current problem. Many method that failed in past is paying good dividend at present.
  6. Sanjeev: Communication is key. Listening is extremely important. You should have the ability to listen to your employees.
    Me: Every positive word adds ample amount of energy and every negative talk takes away the existing energy. N.S.Raghvan Sir says that an entrepreneur needs to be like a sponge, listening to the team members and absorbing every bad thing. Keep talking to your team else you will lose them soon. Be realistic and offer challenges. Do not over promise as after few times people stop believing in your words. Always “talk the walk” and “walk the talk”. Entrepreneur’s Communication should be of high character not high personality.
  7. Sanjeev: Be prepared for the culture factor in the US and in India, though a lot of cross-pollination has taken place by now.
    Me: We faced the problem with fixed salary and incentives. Indian minds could not accept a constant salary and performance based high incentives. We tried many times to implement the incentive system as per US system but Indian culture could not digest it as per expectation. We then had to implement a mix. Take your employees to US to give them a feel. This money is a worth investment.
  8. Sanjeev: In good times, be prepared for the bad times. Good times will not last forever. Business is cyclical.
    Me: Remember that your employees also understands this and be humble during both the phases.
  9. Me: Do not treat leaders as employees as they will not stay long, they will learn things and help you grow but will not disclose every idea they get as they feel as an employee. Give enough shares to the good leaders and they will make the difference. They are not motivated with upcoming offices or more employees, they are more motivated with their future. Good team members are key for success and companies that understood this have become a good success. Be realistic with them and offer clear picture, motivate them with high incentives. They always watch your attitude and every negative move is discouraging them. Explain your moves and discuss it them. Treat them as partners else they will never stay for long.
  10. Me: Good people will never demand, its your job to offer them upto their expectations. According to me the equation is,
    (Person thinking about company) in secs is proportional to (company thinking about the person) in secs. If you want a person to think more about your company you start thinking about the person. If you say, “how can I help Mr X to achieve his dreams”, Mr X will also say,”How can I help company to achieve its vision”. Many employees do not think about company as you are not thinking about them. Keep this equation strong. 
  11. Me: Be ready to document things. We have everything documented from access details to knowledge. This helps when someone is leaving the company. Be a captain and document as much as possible. My Boss documents the maximum in our company as he understands the value.

I know there are plenty more from our experiences but I promised myself to stop after 11 points as per the series.