Back to blogging after some break

Yes, I finally got a break tonight to update the blog. It’s been some really long and I missed it the most. I have so much to write. The things that kept me busy for last few weeks :-

  1. New HR manager has joined so had to help her understand the complete incentive structure (two months back I tried to revamp the whole incentive structure). Also leave policies and other HR policies needed improvement. She is very much committed in making the best policies. I get more money through incentives than fixed salary.
  2. Other projects kept me busy which included server updates. We updated from php 4.3.9 to php 5.0.3 (by then the most stable version under centosplus repo). Then we updated in to 5.1.6 which was under centos-testing repo. Today I saw that finally 5.1.6 is under centos plus repo and update four major servers (alpha, beta, prod, backup) for all projects. Also upgraded mysql to 5.x.x in alpha but beta and production is giving errors and is still at 4.1.20. Our developers did a good job of fixing bugs which got highlighted with the update. Updated the php editors and debuggers.
  3. Took some interviews. Also new HR manager made me solve all the puzzles to prepare a comparison chart. Some of the puzzles I will put it in the next few posts.
  4. Was listening to Tipping point audio book. I could relate our compagins which we were running for last few years. I could related and the co-relate some of the concepts like Market mavens and connectors. This is very interesting topic and I wish to write about it some time.
  5. I was reading all the blogs regularly. I will write a post on some of the posts I liked.
  6. Started some homeopathy for breathing trouble for a long term solution.
  7. Google custom search engine and Google co-op in general.
  8. WordPress plugins, I surfed across many sites to get an overview of existing plugins. I will adding few of it.
  9. I got some of classmates from class VIII – X (I was in Jammu) through orkut. I thank orkut for it. I will start a thread in Hedir to thank orkut.
  10. ICPF camps got over and now we are preparing for united common convention (combined worship with all the churches across kolkata).
  11. Delivered a speech at Youth meeting last Sunday from Romans and Luke. I touched “Spiritual character vs Spiritual personality”. It was a difficult topic to cover by God helped me brief it. I wish to write about it.

There is more to write but lets get to work. I mean blogging :). Thanks for writing to me while I was away from blogging, such mails kept me motivated and forced me blog (pen) down few things for blog.