Upgraded to firefox 2

Meanwhile I have upgraded to firefox 2 both at home and office. The most attractive feature is an in-built spell checker. I needed it much as I keep writing blog posts (official and unofficial ones) without using a spell check. It helps me with forum posts. I think on an average I write more than 25 forum posts and firefox is helping me with spell checks. GREAT FEATURE for me.

Also it is to care about phishing using Safe Browsing technology currently available in Google’s Toolbar for Firefox. I am get to test it properly. It is very much needed but will it be proactive enough. I wrote about Paypal hacking but now I see that most of these pages are giving 404. They must have shifted those paypal look alike pages to a new center.

Certainly I can see some improvements for RSS feeds and I am liking it. Also there is some improvements with tabs. Some good improvements.