Gmail Account Manager – Simplified multi-mail personality

Before I rush back to Church for the special Christmas prayers I thought of penning down an important blog posting for the Inferno’s Technical team. This is about managing multi email accounts using big G’s Gmail (It may be not safe, know why). It is much simpler than what many thought. Here I go with more images and less words (oops if one image == 1000 words, then worth almost 5000 words :)).

Characters of this play

  1. ajiissac(at) – My mail account
  2. aji(at) – Seasonal account
  3. aji(at) – Official account for

After fixing AIMK email accounts (Now it is working with Google, I have pointed the MX records to google) I have already fixed it for aji(at) Lets fix it for aji(at)

What do I mean by fixing?

  1. All the mails coming to aji(at) should come to ajiissac(at)
  2. I should be able to send email from ajiissac(at) using aji(at)

Part 1 is relatively simpler. Just do a forward and it will work (Do let me know if you need help with it). The second part is somehow new to many.

Sending as aji(at) from ajiissac(at)

  1. Go to settings > accounts
    Manging Gmail accounts - Fig 1
  2. Click on “Add another email address”. You will get a pop up (some pop up blocker can blog this). Fill in the pop up box (you can also specify a different reply to email).
    Manging Gmail accounts - Fig 2
  3. After clicking on the “next step” from step 2, you get this screen in pop up box. Click on “Send verifiication”.
    Manging Gmail accounts - Fig 3
  4. Check you email (for me it was aji(at) for verification code. I got the verification code and entered into the last screen of the popup box.
    Manging Gmail accounts - Fig 4
    You are done.
  5. Start sending email as aji(at) from ajiissac(at) using the drop down.
    Manging Gmail accounts - Fig 5

Wasn’t that simple? If you have learned something new, do drop a comment (just kidding). Once again Merry Christmas, enjoy the season and Thank God for all his benefits.

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  1. …..You will get a pop up (some pop up blocker can blog this). Fill in the pop up box (you can also specify a different reply to email)….

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