Inferno 2006-2007

My involvement with Inferno (B-School Fest by AIMK) holds a record. I am the only alumni (or student) who have attended almost all the Infernos (Did I miss any at all?). From being a member of reception crew to a participant to a Judge, it was a journey full of experience (Good or Bad experience? If I can use the experience then Good else as useless as Bad).

I attended the first inferno being a member of reception crew (I was a first year student and was in support team). I helped the team with Book Stalls as well. Also I played the Stock Exchange Game (the only competition where I participated).

Second year, where I was in managing committee the Inferno. During this phase we had already started our small company (or Group) called Idealog , so we designed a full ad campaign for Idealog and its first big product. “Bulls and Bears“, done in VB and MSaccess, Lan based program with run time stock prices and graph, worked really hard for almost one month (thanks to the silent Programming lab, where I spent almost a month with Dinesh and Joshi. Dinesh was also busy with another project for “Aries Logistics, Netherland”, some good old days). If I am not wrong we started asking Rs 20,000 for “Bulls & Bears” product. After the event some of the colleges wanted a demo. All the participants were impressed with the Product. The product was termed a success where we lost few thousand takas (no Bulls all Bears) and learned some good lessons worth millions.

Inferno 2, conducted in 2002, had more of me that just “Bulls and Bears”. We had complete advertisement done in Flash for coming events (thanks to Vinny, MCA-3 for the 100% help). Being a member of the committee I am sure I was involved in many more things. We also participated in “Software Engineering Event” and ended with second prize (some Rs 1500 prize). We were happy to get 1500 as prize but spent almost close to that in celebration (I think that was the fun of student budgeting) at AquaJava (that’s not a tech product, it was a happy zone restaurant specially made for NIMCians).

Next Inferno, when I was in third year (also working for Grmtech). By this time we had lost some of the code for “Bulls and Bears” (Learned the importance of code management and subversions). Those were 2 nights and one day where I worked with three other NIMcians to make an alternative plan. One of the programmers was Prabhat Kumar whom we hired recently and still has the same passion to work through out night. I was biased towards him when I recommended him (may be because I had experience of working with him without a break). At last we came up with a better product, “Dallal Street”. It was fun, we introduced Dallals as well and it was a complete market. I also participated in Ad-Mad (made a mad ad on women contraceptive, we had 2 great Sardars in our team, we discussed more about contraceptive and its working than the ad, was really fun), Logo Design, Website designing (We came 2nd) and may be some more events.

Last Inferno, I was called as a Judge for website designing. I gave away some free tips without even charging the customary 2 cents. Was fun altogether!

Finally I am back with Inferno as a Consultant, where I with the team (Best AIM team I ever worked with, certainly after my batch, I am biased here) will make it a success. I did pray for it and working really hard. Our team has already done a great work. Some of the features,

  • We are doing a lot of documentation using Google Docs. Want to see the doc, contact Narendra.
  • Inferno site is based on a very special Wiki.
  • We will be blogging about all the activities.
  • We will be using Youtube and other video application.
  • We are planning to extend our reach with making few events online or using postal services.

A lot of talk about Inferno but time to call it a day, 00:30 IST. Wishing Inferno team a big success and praying to God for the required help. Your participation will motivate us. You will not get a better team than this to make Inferno a bigger success.

What is my incentive?
I get free Dinners at GP after every meeting. We had one today. I had “two capathis” and “anda thadka”. You can feel J :).

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  1. Plans, preparations & spirits are flying really high…. That’s a wonderful thing !….All The Best for everything and am sure, this wud take shape as the best event in the history of NIMC…..

    Aji Sir – I guess, U already know it…. But FYI : Arnab Laha is joining Genpact Kolkata as the head of technical services ( if I m not wrong )…. As the judges hunt is on, we can invite sir for he same…… He will really enjoy to see the progress of AIM….

    Cheers !…..

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