Farewell party to Mr 2006

I just came back from the Morning session and now going back for the farewell party for Mr 2006, followed with a fresher party for Mr 2007.

I will write more about the fresher party once I come back (may be morning 5 am). This is the time to thank many people who have helped me make 2006 a better a year.

I will like to thank God for everything He did in my life. As I keep saying that all you can do is “word hard” but then the result still has some more parameters. I count myself very lucky as there are many who pray for me daily (in thousands). Thanking my parents for everything, they care of all my pains and I keep enjoying the moments being away from all pains. I thank all my Church members, ICPF groups, CGPF groups and other youth ministries for their continuous support. I thanks everyone in Grmtech, where I spend almost half of my day. Its been a great year with Grmtech, taking many important decision, done some really helpful recruitments (people make the company and now we have the right team for that). I thank all my friends for being their at all moments. I know there are many whom I should thank and I do that with whole of my heart, may God bless you all abundantly.

I need to push back in another 10 mins else I will go late for the special dinner :). Saying farewell to

  • Year 2006.
  • Old office building.
  • I will complete the list once I am back.

Bye Bye, Mr 2006.