Multi Gmail Account manager not that safe

As I wrote earlier that multi email accounts can be managed using one gmail account. Is it protecting my identity (my primary email account details)? On the surface it is hiding your primary email but not at a technical level.

We use some ids which are anonymous and the person should not come to know the sender (this is used for some internal communication for improvement, we are using it with inferno team).

Let me again use the screenshots for better explanation with a step by step description:-

  1. I am sending an email to xyz(at) using aji(at) aji(at) is an additional email account added to my primary account ajiissac(at)
    Google account manager not safe
  2. My friend Manojit gets the email. On surface it looks as an email from aji(at)
    Google account manager
  3. Even while reading Manojit can’t figure it out.
    Google account manager

How can Manojit figure out then?
How can Manojit figure out that it is sent by ajiissac(at) (who is managing another email id aji(at) It can be done by Looking at the full header of the email. Click on the “reply down” and choose the option “show original”.
Gmail options

You will get the full header where the sender is ajiissac(at) not aji(at) and thus anyone can figure it out.
full header

In the above example it is not a problem as there is no harm if my primary email id is exposed but take a different case where says “You are doing the right thing, please correct yourself Mr Manojit.”.

Now if Manojit figures out that it is not anonymous but ajiissac then the purpose is lost. In short Multi Gmail Account manager is not safe if you do not want to disclose your identity (your primary email account).