When is the next bandth?

“Hi, How are you? When is the next Bandth?”. This is not a para from a fiction but a normal Bangla talk these days. We had some 5 to 6 bandths during last 30 working days and expecting few more in the days to come. For all who do not know what is a bandth, “it is a call (for a statewide strike) from a political party (or parties) against a policy of the ruling party”. This is most general definition but can vary too.

I am not saying ruling party did not do it wrong and neither I am saying that the ruling party did not take the right step. But are bandths a solution to sort out things? For every notion there is a for and there is an against but can we then have 366 days off every year?

It is certainly bad for all, as Bengal is losing something in the global race. How can we ask the investors to invest few more millions in West Bengal, when we are not sure of its working? Our judicial system needs more power. Why can’t such deals be discussed before implementations. Why only an after-effect? West Bengal voters need to think and improve the overall system, its now or never time. What is your opinion?

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  1. Hi Aji,

    I am always against such political bandhs. We all know our political parties very well that how caring they are!!!!. I think, their worry is not land or farmers or people or environment etc., they want to get sympathy from farmers / people so that the same can be converted in to votes later on.

    My boss was traveling to Asansol with one of our German colleagues and his train was forcefully stopped in between for 17 hours!!!. Can anyone imagine that what impression would have he (our German colleague) carried about our nation? This is just one example. Imagine about loss our nation suffered during bandhs.

    One can always express one’s feelings by the way one think on this, but its really a shameful act that one forcefully involves people to follow. And we people, though we do not want to follow, respects and follows foolishly such bandhs in fearing. A nation can not be Mahasatta which has such fearing mentality citizens. Anyway, we must oppose the things which are against mankind, against nation, against environment, but should not by the bandhs and we should not follow such acts blindly.

  2. Bandhs are a disease residing in the minds of people of Kolkata. I have no complaints on political parties. They are taking advantage of a city full of weak people with more than double standards. Bandhs are successful because of 4 reasons – you support the cause (what cause?), you like the holidays, you are scared to oppose because of repercussions and you are upset about it all but are waiting for someone else to teach lessons to the political parties. Kolkata, today is essentially because of the last 3 reasons with many subscribing to more than one excuse.

    When is the next Bandh? Its perpetual. As long as we live by the fence or live in fear, Bandh is on and happening and alive and pretty much kicking. Expression of the same may await Mamta Banerjee or Biman Bose to formally announce so that herds of Bengal can follow suit.

    Of course Bandh is no solution… in fact its no solution to any problem. Who gives a damn whether I go to work when we are talking about farmers of Nandigram or Singur!

    Opinion – decide what do you want amongst the four options… identify where you stand and act, wholeheartedly. I for one go to work as an act of defiance. Does anyone care. I don’t know but I do care.

  3. Thank you Kaustav Sir. We certainly need a better way of protesting. Also the government should come up with a better dialogue based approval system for major decisions. (Also changes are required sometimes) See the changes when Respected Jyoti Basu retired and gave chance to current Chief Buddhadev Battacharya.

    Thanks Ashvin for the comments.
    >> Can anyone imagine that what impression would have he (our German colleague) carried about our nation?
    Thats sad but also the other side is the safety of our farmers. I can live with bad impressions for once or twice if that is helping our farmers. In other words we need to have a better system in place that can guarantee a better justice.

  4. Hi Aji,

    I could not help chip in. I share ur excitement about bandth from another bandh blessed state called Kerala. When everything else goes fine and when there is nothing special to do, the party leaders (read ruling comrades) call for a state wide bandth. Sorry the term bandh is banned by Honourable High Court of Kerala. It is hartal by name and bandth in form.

    Happy bandth days in Kerala WB and Tripura… shut in for hot news flashes showing our great leaders talking relentlessly about the welfare and safety of their people

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