3 step illegal gmail account creation

Here is a creative way of creating gmail accounts (first hand method), sorry if illegal (why should it be illegal, it is just a free account creation?). Creating gmail account with invitations is just a big pain and everybody needs to create and manage various accounts. I prefer gmail accounts over others for obvious reasons (as they are the best).

Here is a small 3 step trick to create one without any alternative email:-

  1. Sent an invitation to any email id.
  2. Go to your sent mails sections.
  3. Use the link to create a new account.

This image will explain it properly (Life can’t be simpler).
gmail account creation

Some notes

  • Sometimes an invitation to an email id which does not exist may not work so send it to your friends.
  • Use two browsers to avoid logging out.

Enjoy Gmail and you can use the gmail multi account manager to manage more than one gmail account.

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