I have 562 spams waiting for me

I am not blogging for quite a few days, 562 spams under akismet account just reconfirms it. I am busy with inferno and new office. Also we are buying an office in US (checked few places at starton and tracy but not happy, so boss is checking few more).

I am moving to Delhi for 3 days, I got up early (2:00 am IST) and my flight is at 5:45 am so thought of updating the blog. I will get back to blogging in another 3 days. you can read some more of my posts at http://inferno.aimk.org/blog/.

3 Replies to “I have 562 spams waiting for me”

  1. whenever you have free time, you always think of sharing your experiences with us. Enjoy your tour and have a safe journey every time.
    Take care.

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