My Audio Post – Battle of Energy zones

Did few crazy things today like making a PPT for Inferno Blog hunt (soon it will be available of the website) and creating this audio post free of cost, thanks to Hedir. I tried few services but all are costly affairs (currently not in mood of investment). This is a slight tweaking with Hedir Music files (I have sent an email with details to Hedir admins). Do let me know your feedback (the voice problem may be due to bit rate, I need to check).

This post is about Battle of Energy Zones:-

  • How one room/project of your company can be a positive energy zone and other a negative one.
  • Organization structure based on Energy zone points. How is more important a Senior Tech leader or Facility Assistant or cook? A whole new approach to organization structure.

It was really difficult to do an audio as I had no script. Somehow I have managed. Sorry for the voice (THATS NOT MY VOICE, but then it made it sweeter 🙂 ). – Enjoy my first audio post.