My Day – A learning one

I wasted another day on useful things. After the audio blog post I got weird(but approved) comments through mails and IM on my voice. Thanks for that. The next crazy thing I did was to delete all the 765 spams waiting for approval (oops disapproval). I scanned few pages of these spams to make sure I am not deleting a genuine comment. After scanning 7 pages (with no genuine comments) full of crappy britney,tom and all other non-sense stuff I decided to delete all. Sorry if I deleted your comment in this process. Please comment again and I will keep my spam box clean.

We had our second last meeting before AGM for CGPF. I was amazed at the analysis done for the staff conferences (on Feb 14 – Feb 15). Every thing so well documented and arranged. Targets, strategies and discussions for the upcoming year took almost 1.5 hrs of the total 2 hrs meeting. Fund collection, real estate plans and all were a part of it. I was feeling a little sleepy because of the heavy lunch I had (a marriage party). Now I need to draft few letters, prepare PPTs for pre-AGM sessions. We have decided to go to all the churches for a unique PPT presentation (looking forward for it).

After the meeting I attended the class on Angels and Demons where we learned about Lucifer and the dark angel team. A subject which I always ignored consciously. Now I am back to all the pending tasks. Will finish my half done post now. Take care and keep spamming.