Quote1: Move Forward with possible strength

When we can run , we will run ,
When we can walk , we will walk,
When we can crawl , we will crawl.
But we will not stop moving forward and will not fear failures

Great message, your availably for improvement can make you able for improvement (wow my own thought 🙂 ) do move forward in all possible ways. Many do not move forward as they fear of falling down. Fail, Fall but keep trying and keep moving. I can put the above sentence like this as well,

I did learn crawling before walking,
I did learn walking before running ,
Now I run.
But at all stages I did fall and raise again to move forward.

Enjoy the day. Quote for 1 March 2007. I will keep adding one quote everyday.

3 Replies to “Quote1: Move Forward with possible strength”

  1. Nice Blog , Boss..:)

    Btw , I am using the quote
    “When i can run , i will run , When i can walk , i will walk, When i can
    crawl , i will crawl. But i will not stop moving forward”

    From past 4 years across my mails all over internet, Just don`t remember how this quote termed, coined by me or copied from some where. This quote is becoming very popular across my colleagues and was googling to find the possibilities of me being the original author of it. 🙂

    Thanks for replying…

    Take care

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