Quote 2: Be good at Plan B

As I mentioned yesterday, I will continue with quote of the day. (Just to add few lines) I am in office for last 48 hrs and will be leaving only after 8 hours. Office has improved with new guest rooms (hot water tub, ACs, Indian Home made food and everything needed), kudos to the CEO and VCs. I am working on few new products like “Simplified Email Blogging”, “Simplified Subscription and redefining Email Blogging”, “Redefining forum communication for non-techy people”.

Back to the quote, “Be good at Plan B”.
An inbuilt feature of any leader. Plan A is what is planned with all analysis and thoughts, which is predicted to do wonders. If Plan A works (as planned) it goes smoothly without a leader but if it fails you certainly needs a leader (and its you and only you). Hey, this is not something new for all of us, right? Let me take an example to explain.

You have called a party and given the contract to the best caterer in the town. Caterer did not turn up, some communication problems (or some other unavoidable circumstances). Plan A fails here and there is no Plan B. Plan B is your instant decision made out of your thoughts (it is not a backup plan). You certainly need to be good at that.

How to be good at Plan B? (7 tips)

  • Rule 1: Failures are a part of life, do smile at it. Be cool headed.
  • Rule 2: Do not play a blame game at this moment.
  • Rule 3: Do not go angry as you need to take a faster but smarter decision, you need a calm head.
  • Rule 4: Do not analyze the failure of plan A. It should be done later, current need is to make (act) Plan B. (My sentence, “Its ok, Its ok, it did not happen, lets see where we are and what we need to do now”)
  • Rule 5: Do not involve a lot of people in discussion at this moment, not everyone is in the same mood for Plan B.
  • Rule 6: Believe in yourself.
  • Rule 7: Take the involved people into confidence with a smile and apology. Trust me, people understand such situations.

Good Day to everyone. Take care

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  1. Do know where the term Plan B, in reference to a contigency plan, originally came from? Is there a related quote?

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