Want success? Change the smell of your workplace!

I am true believer of energies, the right energy can help you enjoy the work. People talk about Vastu and other things but I have no idea about it. I strongly believe that the people are the major energy producer, both positive and negative. In my last audio post I talked about battle of energies, that how different rooms in your company can have different energy levels and thus different success stories. Many liked the audio post and wanted to know more about it (Sorry, I wish I had more time, I will try to pen down it in detail).

Another interesting article by Late Professor Sumantra Ghoshal caught my eyes with similar theme. The more I read the article the more i agreed. The article says,

You cannot change an organisation without revitalising people.

The theme of the article.

Revitalising people is an attitudinal change. People’s attitudes have to change. There is a new word every time these things come up and the new word now is ‘mindset change.’

So company after company is launching expensive, large scale, culture change program with the object of changing the mindset of their people. But then you ask: how likely is that? Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?

So every year, in July, I used to come to Kolkata for almost a month. Why July? Because that is the only time my children had a sufficiently long break. The whole point was to keep them in touch with my parents. Think about it — downtown Kolkata in July. The temperature is over 100°F with humidity of 98%.

The reality was that I felt very tired during most of the vacation. Most of it I spent indoors and a lot of it simply in bed.

Most large companies in India and abroad end up creating ‘Downtown Kolkata in Summer’ inside themselves.

What does ‘Downtown Kolkata in Summer’ look like in most large companies and I relate to this in the sense of the phrase, ‘the smell of the place.’ We intellectualise a lot in management.

Complete article at http://www.rediff.com/money/2005/mar/10bspec.htm

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  1. Finally managed some time to read. This is great article. I liked your audio blog on energy zones as well. I too have noticed such zones in our company.

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