good rain causing flood in social space

We all loved orkut. The most talked social networking in India, from school going kid to senior citizen everyone enjoyed it. Also some of us enjoyed other social networking like myspace, or for that matter even mybloglog. Also linkedin is a great network for social professional relationships. Overall social networking was appreciated and loved like first and season rain. We had romance in this rain, we sometimes had wet eyes in this rain and overall a very useful rain.

Social bookmarking killing me

Now there is over raining in social networking site, from (Indian version of Orkut) to tagged network. Friendster is also growing, so is Bday groups. With over 100 mails to handle everyday these invitations are killing me. Everyday you will get 2 or 3 minimum. As I said, in social networking flies attracts flies not honey. Do we need so many social networks, what is that you miss in orkut? Explain Google and they will do it for us.

Are you joining these new social networks? Don’t you think it is over raining, hinting a unwanted flood?

2 Replies to “good rain causing flood in social space”

  1. Over raining it is for sure! The number of clones that have come up following the footsteps of Orkut are way too many. I am active only in Orkut and I think its quite a long way to go before any other social networking site can even come close to it, rest alone the thought of eclipsing it.

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