Bandth again – Whos line is it anyway?

Whos line is it anyway? Who is crossing it? Why? How? When? You may not have answers to all these questions but certainly you know that someone is crossing someones line somewhere with some reason using some bad strategies. My previous post “When is the next bandth?” attracted a lot of opinions, active comments and some emails. Tomorrow is another bandth.

Some of the bandth facts I agree to

  • For people like us who blog or talk about these injustice, these are just numbers or count. For the ones who lost their loved ones only know their loss.
  • These bandths are the only way to protest or force powerful men to take actions. Sadly our system does not offer a better working option.
  • Industrialization is important and so is agricultural growth.
  • Bandths bring no solution but create more. It pollutes our culture.

I am just hoping that our governments will learn a better planning method by these worst examples of unplanned, forced and pushed growth plans. I had tears when I saw the massacre footage on TV, may this happen to no one ever. I will be working from home tomorrow.

3 Replies to “Bandth again – Whos line is it anyway?”

  1. I agree with you Aji, Bandh may have valid reason behind it, but Bandh does not seem to be right solution. If it was, then 6 or 7 Bandhs of last year would have solved at least some of the problems. People should try a better way to oppose!

  2. I am always against bandhs. Bandhs are simply days when people sit back at their homes out of disgust doing nothing. I was also saddened by the recent deelopments in the state but i am sorry to say that a Bandh has never been nor can it be a solution to any problems.
    The day our system wakes up, that would be the day when everything would change, hopefully!!
    Until then, may God help the Poor from such barbaric acts!!!!

  3. that is very unfortunate state to be in. I hope your ministers will take care of their people well. People are very important, its always good to debate than dictate.

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