Further scrutiny of wink.com

I am deep in work with the AGM lined up, last Sunday had meetings to approve the financial report but due to some confusion could not approve the reports. It is rescheduled for 29th of this month and AGM on 6th May (for ICPF, Kolkata Chapter). I need to send personal letters to all the shareholders before this Sunday as per rules. On 22 we have our church AGM. With all these work I am enjoying the wink team mails and comments.

Some more feedback before heading to work. After a serious scrutiny I got another mail from their team (Highly appreciated, very professional approach). Also I got permission to publish it on blog, here it is

Hi Aji,

I read your posts. You raised some good points! Thanks so much for all the feedback.

Oh and I have no problem with you posting my email on the blog. I’m glad that you took the time to try out Wink again and I’d be glad to talk with you about Wink any time you have questions.

If you want to do a post in future about trying to get the Wink Widget and setting it up somewhere (like on your blog) I’d be thrilled to hear your feedback about how that process works as well. As you already know, there’s nothing more valuable than the feedback of users.

Thanks again!

Also I got another mail which said,

Greetings Aji Issac

Matthew Stotts has posted a comment about you!

Click here to check out the comment: http://wink.com/AjiNIMC–profile


Scrutiny 1: Why a link to http://wink.com/winksearch–profile, instead there be a link to Matthew Stotts profile (adding only the link that is needed, visitors brain cycles are expensive events).

I then visited my own profile to read my comments
Scrutiny 2: If you want the message section to grow and used frequently then it should be a separate page which less of module calls. Speed is important says Google (and Aji). Also I want to see what I want to see, I wanted to see my messages not my complete profile this time. In orkut people participate because they see what they want to see, the messages. It will be a good idea to separate the message from profile page. You may end having more participation on message pages than profile pages. I liked profile page as I can forward it to my friends to show my Internet presence points. You need to separate the pages as per the purpose. Very important marketing lesson, “Pages should define its purpose and should be structured accordingly”.

Gosh, again a confusion
Wink Feedback
(What will you think first? To reply to Matthew I can post my comments just below it).

I did the same, I posted the comments below it and it appeared just below my profile. I am not sure whether Mathew will come to know about this or not.
Wink further feedback
Scrutiny 3: “Add your comment: (No HTML please) ” does not make sense, either it should be “Add a message for AjiNIMC” or something similar. What is this comments meant for? It needs to be clearly stated. Also a reply button will be helpful.

Since I added a comment under my profile I got a mail as well (I am aware that I added a comment, so why this mail. Any task that is done extra will create complexity)

Greetings Aji Issac

Aji Issac has posted a comment about you!

Click here to check out the comment: http://wink.com/AjiNIMC–profile


I am loving these feedback sessions, thanks to wink’s team for motivating me to take this step. Hope it helps (Please ignore spelling mistakes, I am writing in hurry). Good day.

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  1. Great work Aji, great analysis. I am sure wink team is going to like it too, free reviews for them. Aji, you can start some paid reviews now.

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