Letter from orkut fan

I got this mail from one of our youth pastors, he is a big time orkut fan (I have mailed him to get a permission to publish his name with this post, but you are free to guess 🙂 ). Here he goes …………..

Dear friends
Welcome to the Orkut revolution…!
I marvel how this thing called Orkut could

  • bring me back in touch with friends from school & college days
  • keep me in touch with friends from church, chai shop, circus(lol!) etc…
  • and of course help me meet new friends…

At one click of a mouse, I am updated about my friend in Tennessee or in Timbuctoo or Tatanagar…
Its a brand new world…its the 21st century Global village…
Oh yes…its great guys & gals like you who make it worthwhile to be on orkut!
But anything fantastic & friendly can also be fanatic & fiendish. I was thinking of the best way to keep this ORKUT revolution…really refreshing & real and not raw & ruthless.
Because of my passion for acronyms I tried to cook up one for ORKUT. Its not the best, but it explains best my personal guidelines, when I am on orkut. If it helps…its great.. .otherwise…forget about it…

O – Original Presentation of who I am(I enjoy the way God made me, I don’t have to try to become more presentable with more colorful words about myself(though it can be creative!)or a picture which is not me)
R – Respect others privacy & Scrap-Books(hmmm…its a tough one, but i generally avoid reading conversations on others scrap-book)
K – Kindness in my use of words, pictures etc(specially online – the words we use to scrap or write presents our public profile…and if we disagree with someone the scrap book is not the best place to present our views…as the whole world reads it..woah!)
U – Use of my personal information is selective (hmmm…I avoid giving the privilege to WTC Bombers or other terrorists or people with similar tendencies, to get in touch with me..lol)
T – Talk beyond the Orkut(this is a difficult one especially for introverts like me who find it easier to chat online than in chat in person. But I have to consciously have to remind myself that there is a real world beyond the WEB)

Its great, this thing called Orkut…its makes me feel good…it gives me privilege to make others feel good…and in general stay good!

Stay Orkutted,(sorry…connected , I mean!!!)

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