Don’t like my blog? Do this then

I am off today. Monday and off? Yes, we had interviews and server audits for last 4 weeks so could not get an off. Taking a full time off, Watching videos (I just downloaded a 1 Giga of video today from, listening songs but sorry no eating (taking and giving rest). What do you do to the sites you don’t like? Ignore? Here is another option.

Here is what you can do to the sites you don’t like [Click here to do it to My Blog]. May be the political parties can do the same to Orkut.

Enjoy Monday, I am going for another sleep (already had 8 hrs of sleep today, 1:30 am to 9:30 am), you can feel jealous I am generally gifted (thats what people say), I can sleep for hours and hours. God bless.

9 Replies to “Don’t like my blog? Do this then”

  1. Well, I also tried but i belive source don’t support multiple split downloads, even though i tried single area download but it didn’t worked….

  2. Did you try to download this zip file through download accelerator (DAP) or flashget, it should work. I will give the list of zip files in a day, specifically if you want any video, let me know I will send your the link to zip file.

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