Mobile Phone can cost you a Job

Recently I came to know of an incident where a candidate who, made to the final round after technical interviews and other HR rounds but, lost the opportunity as he did not bother to pay attention to the basic guidelines for mobile phones, “Switch it off before it switches someone off“.

The final round of the interview was with the Director of the company. The interview started off well but when the candidate got a call and he decided to attend it, using his unlimited talk time, caused him the job. The basics are more important and should be kept. I had few team members who did this 2 or 3 times before they learned it the harder way. Keep your mobiles in silent mode at important places like Churches, Interviews, meetings (with seniors specially) etc. As I sometimes say, “It may be difficult to impress someone with 100 goodies but easy to get you wrong with one basic baddy“. Similar are the SMS format emails written to professionals. I get job applications through emails in SMS format (sir, can i get a job in ur company i am really cool plz give me a chnce). My first impression is, “when you even don’t know how to send emails to a senior official for your own need (job) then how can I expect you to be good with my company products“.

It is not that people who write SMS format emails or who picks up a call during interview are not worth but it is the doubt that is created. In some circumstances, if you have a doubt then you do not have a doubt (esp for jobs), reject. Always keep the basics strong as it is not a matter of one mistake but an attitude to life. Good night, hope to write atleast a blog post next week. I am enjoying the marketing classes with new recruits. I myself is doing (learning) a lot of comparison with web business and the Kotler rules which can be redefined.