About my Google Human Intelligence Layer

This is an answer to Saikat’s query about my Google project. As many know that Google has tried this (adding human intelligence layer to their searches) many times with various models, some are included at http://www.google.com/coop/. Custom Search Engine had a better revenue model too but still it may not do enough (I had requested for few features but no response yet). There are more improvising possible on Google results.

My Research is based on:

  1. When I search for XYZ keyphrase, the top sites have some similar characteristics which should be grouped using human intelligence.
  2. When top 10 sites are explaining XYZ keyphrase again and again, it makes the SERPs dull. Searcher should only get new information with every site.
  3. I believe Google is not the ultimate search engine but certainly the ultimate search engine algorithm so I am making this on the top of Google SERP. I will start where Google ends.
  4. Some of my experiments had fetched extremely useful information for selected sites. Thus I will be using distributed human intelligence, may be site based distribution or a group of sites based. I get thousands of search everyday, which in itself is a great achievement for phase 0.

Have you already started it?

When Saikat was there I was working on it but later decided to give it a pause. So no more implementations in last 2 months. The existing implementations (around 5 sites) are giving good results, so checking the logs weekly. But I am sleeping over the idea to start with a better 0.

How about telling us something more about adsense?

This is going to be a great system, I keep thinking about it. Every time I think of it, my energy level goes up. I will not be able to disclose it as it is the real model that will make the Human Intelligence layer a possibility. Also if it goes well, every single site on web will become a part of this network. Here the webmasters will be empowered and will have every control over the ads. Another hint: You will be able to include sites even without site owners’ permission (sometimes). I am very excited about it.

Praying to God and sleeping over the idea. Currently I am busy rewriting the Intranet book on “Web business“, I wrote this book some 3 years back but this time I will be including better web 2.0 examples and a lot more marketing concepts. I had already rewritten some marketing metrics for web, BCG and GE matrix for keyphrase analysis, which is a part of webmasterworld library.

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  1. Point #1 and #2 are true enough. Categorization of result is needed. The topic is of high potential, so no pause please 🙂

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