How many friends do you have?

Happy Friendship day! Am I late for it? I guess no. Friendship cards, friendship shayerri, stolen messages, common message, smses and emails. Oops! blog posts as well. Everything is happening on the F day. Thats so great and here is my post for THE day.

Orkut Friends count How many friends do you have?
One, two, three, ….

Do you remember one of the most frequently asked childhood question, “Johny Johny(change it with your name for personalization), how many friends do you have?” and then you started counting on your fingers, one – Tommy, two – harry, four – popy and ……Also jane and pinky … uncle, I have so many friends!

Get into the time machine and ask this question at different phases of your life, when you were not so moma’s kid, when you were not so young, when you were really young and now when you want to stay young. What would have been your answer?

In past had problems in counting friends? Don’t worry if you haven’t counted your friends in past, here is a way to do it (and once again it is by Google):
orkut making the count easy
Wow, it is even arranged further like best friend and so. Great, not bad at all. I think undoubtedly orkut can be voted as the best friendship tool for the era. Does the count matters? Does the intensity matters? Hey, I don’t know, neither did I ever bought a friendship barometer to measure the intensity nor did I ever borrow an abacus for the count. I have some wonderful friends and I thank life for being so kind to me. Life is so short and don’t bother to categorize, count or measure friendship. Don’t define friendship and let it happen its own way with:

  1. One unplanned smile.
  2. One eye accident.
  3. One unwanted fight.
  4. Many years of silence.
  5. ………….

Life is so short, so be happy with undefined friends and live friendship to its fullest. To be a friend a mine ignore all the above para with one sentence “Be yourself, Be imperfect for a perfect friendship“.

Happy friendship day, happy friendship week and happy friendship year!

10 Replies to “How many friends do you have?”

  1. Few (F) Relationship (R) In (I) Earth ( E) Never (N) Die (D).

    Jian vi keya aji dost bina
    jivan ke ehi 4 dina
    dhan daulat bina chale magar
    jindegi na kata yaar bina.

    Happy friendship day to all.:)

  2. Here is my count

    all friends (544)
    open friend requests (0)
    open invites (0)

    friend levels:
    best friends (0)
    good friends (3)
    friends (230)
    acquaintances (321)
    haven’t met (10)

    friend groups:
    1/4th GR (6)

    AIMT (10)

    AWWA (4)

    Army Connection (28)

    China (1)

    Cousins (4)

    Fortwilliam (20)

    Friends of Friends (11)

    Italy (2)

    Jaya Shree (26)

    KV Clement Town (13)

    KV Cossipore (24)

    KV Dharamsala (14)

    MBA 10 (93)

    MBA 11 (8)

    MBA 7 (24)

    MBA 8 (81)

    MBA 9 (82)

    MBA Alumni (37)

    MCA (41)

    Nepal (59)

    Orkut Friends (19)

    RAAD (3)

    St. James (1)

  3. With that said, I am asking the same question: best friends (1) – รขโ‚ฌโ€- I am eager to know who that best friend is?

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