Crowdsourcing sites with Alu Parathas

I am off again, 2 offs in 3 days, very unusual but a welcome change, compensating for not attending the family gathering on Saturday and for being a mere lodger for last few weeks. What am I doing? I prepared Alu parathas (which tasted more atta than paratha but everyone managed to find some appreciation alphabets) for the breakfast. An entrepreneur can learn few things from Mom, she had managed the risk well by having some backup breakfast ready.

To digest such a heavy breakfast, here are some crowdsourcing sites:

  1. Complexity and Social Networks Blog – Complexity and Social Networks Blog of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science and the Program on Networked Governance, Harvard University.
  2. by Jeff Howe. He is a wired guy and his article “The Rise of Crowdsourcing” is considered among the alphas in this rack.
  3. creating passionate users – One of my fav. I refer these articles to new recruits. You might have heard of Kathy Sierra. Even Indian news had covered the death threats to her.
  4. freakonomics, good to see that they have moved to NYT. I liked the post, “Who comment on blogs and why?”.

Will I be reading this today?
Na, I will be reading and about hylafax.

Now, will I get a chance to mess up lunch as well? Yes off-course, this time it will be a special vegetable packed omelet and chicken salad :). So cool … enjoy life!

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