my white-green-red-black board or modern art

Oh! I have discover many expressions though this board, which is also known as white board across our teams. My white-green-red-black board is the most used and abused board in company, just imagine the condition of the duster (Once it was white now it is of no but all color). I caught some new expressions when a new recruit looked at my office white board. If I am allowed to enter his mind to blog his thoughts then here they are:

“I think this guy is given a second-hand much-used white-board, poor fellow”, or may be “Is it a white board or a modern art, may be this guy is like MF Hussian” or may be ….. (You can fill in your own experience …..)

Things that you can read here:

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  5. And the latest one “How to build stronger/successful architectures?

Here is a small tip to end this not so unwanted blog post. When you are busy in making improvements to your architecture (it can be tech, career, personal, company or any other architecture), you keep on moving ahead and building more structures with smaller and modular additions. In order to build a stronger and successful architecture, you need to take some backward steps to see a better/wider view in order to understand the need of bigger changes/arrangements. Such complex tips like this can only be explained using a white-board, so do drop in an appreciative sentence for this ugly looking flat board :). Happy new week!

3 Replies to “my white-green-red-black board or modern art”

  1. Hi Sir,
    A white thing if stays white is of no use! Your whiteboard (indeed a piece of modern art 🙂 ) would certainly help mend many a careers in the days to come. Stay how you are, Sir. 🙂

  2. I dont know how good that piece of modern art is…..but i ever since we have shifted to our new office…I have learnt a lot of things through that white board

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