No blogging only pics

I am not getting time for blogging, feeling so bad. I have almost 10 blog post under draft, “I want to be kid again” (A poetic approach), Link title – Quiet but powerful weapon, Company’s success barometer, Do you believe in zodiacs?, A white hat seo course for all, Make the carrot really red, Good Leaders are biased, Right approach can make wrong right?, How to hire best people ….

I will try to complete these posts soon but for the time being enjoy some more pics from 15th Aug Celebrations.

A business man in skit
Hmm … Account books
Love is the key to growth, want to know, ask me
Love is the key to growth. Want to know? Ask me
Bargaining for the land
Bargaining for land, asking too much?
Ohhhh What am I speaking on?
  Ehhhhhh What am I speaking on?


2 Replies to “No blogging only pics”

  1. Hi Sir,
    Look forward to your posts. Especially the “i want to be a kid again” one. 🙂 And thanks for sharing the pics with us. 🙂

  2. Thanks Anand, “I want to be a kid again” needs more of me, the relaxed, free and fresh Aji, expect it towards a week-end, I am very eager to finish that one :).

    Why I miss the days,
    “When I laughed for the moment,
    When I hated for the moment,
    When I cried for the moment,
    When I loved for the moment,
    And when I lived for the moment.”

    I am planning to finish the company’s success barometer tonight.

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