I m Not well at all

8 days and 3 sleepless nights, not good at all. Its not because of time problem, it may be because of extra thinking or unwanted tension. I need to take care of myself. Need to go for a medical checkup soon. So avoiding regular blogging for few days.

I do eat a lot of fruits in the morning. Almost 30 mins – 1 hr of workout in early morning and an hr of ping-pong at eve. I need to drink a lot of water as well. After consulting my medical friends here are some advices for health:

  • Before sleep don’t think too much, relax, watch TV or do something where you don’t have to think.
  • Put some perfume on your bed. It helps in a sound sleep.
  • Eat healthy, drink a lot of water too.
  • Don’t worry such things happens to everyone just take care of yourself and keep the smile.
  • Go for a medical checkup, BP check for sure. Keep working out.

I can’t afford to lose the ability to sleep 24 hrs a day. I want to be lazy again and sleep like one who have sold everything. So please don’t expect many post in the coming days πŸ™ .

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  1. You are not well, still the energy level that you show in office is just amazing. None can tell seeing you that you are not well. I. myself, got to know just a few mins. back itself πŸ™‚ (@ lunch time).
    Hope you recover early. And please do make sure that you manage good amount of sleep. Kabhi to apne computer pe bhi rehem kiya kijiye Sir. πŸ™‚ Bechara!!

  2. Thanks Anand, If I don’t get sleep my computer will never get it either (anyway it doesn’t get, even when I am sleeping it plays music for me. It never complains πŸ™‚)

    But seriously I am not well, Dad will take me to a hospital for a complete checkup this Tuesday. I hate hospitals πŸ™ and check ups but have no option left. I am not feeling tired but my head is very heavy and eyes burning.

  3. Hey Aji,
    This is not a good news which we would like to hear…anyhow, part of the game called LIFE…u take care and have a wonderful Bday πŸ™‚


  4. You should take rest for one or two days. Then your computer will also get some time to regain its energy and you will also. We want energetic Aji at the time of playing TT. Take rest and sleep as much as you can. Praying for your better health. It’s good to hear that you slept well yesterday.

  5. No body could guess the weakness I had .. feeling better now … I was feeling very weak from inside … I don’t tell a lot of things to dad and mom, they shouldn’t take extra tensions πŸ™‚ .. a lot of people pray for me and thats the only blessing I have.

  6. “I donÒ€ℒt tell a lot of things to dad and mom, they shouldnÒ€ℒt take extra tensions” >>
    I wish all of us thought on those lines, and our parents’ half of the tensions would have never took over their minds…

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