My 7th 21st Bday was the busiest so far

I have all reasons to push myself for this post at 1 am though I am feeling a little sleeping (but I am feeling much better now). Keeping it short with some images:

aji bday
Scene #4 of Bday: Why am I feeling so successful … I managed to undo scene 3 here.

Scene 3 of bday
Scene #3: Meine sab ko kitne pyar se lagya tha (sorry light problem, all are mobi pics).. Prabhat ne puri gardhan me laga di .. ears, eyes kuch nahi choda … still I can smell the cake .. it took me some good minutes to clean this up but was fun except the color … what color .. see scene 1

Scene 2 of Bday
Scene #2: Sab kitne chup chap hai .. so nice … they were not so nice in scene # 3 …. Oh the color… see scene #1 for colorful view

Bday cake
Scene #1 Who bought this cake ???? with such hard colors … the red color cream was put on my head … some green color here and there … red color was really really really hard .. had to wash many times … now you know why I was feeling so successful at scene #4

Overall it was such a great great day ……………

Thanks to every one

Slept late at 1:30 after some calls. There was no one present for Bday bumps but I felt as if it was outsourced to Behala mosquitoes and they were doing there work wonderfully when I was on phone. Slept really deep (don’t even remember a single dream or mosquito bumps), got up when I got a call at 7:30 (I got to know her through this blog only, blogging is good I guess), this was a surprise call, heard her voice for the first time (Thanks, it was so nice of you). Mom, dad were happy as I got a good sleep. Some calls/mails/smses/scraps kept me smiling … Driver ji also gifted some flowers and cards (so nice of him) … and reached office very late … Got permission to use orkut at office … calls/mails/smses/scraps went on through out the day … then office party … and while coming back dropped at Sheere -Punjab for some diet-tandoori chicken .. at home dad bought some special fruit cake .. calls from cousins/relatives … India winning in style (uttapa/sachin kya khela hai) … End of the day I am burping and smiling .. thanks for making this day so wonderful … God bless all. Good night!

Thank You God

Aji Childhood
(pic separated by 21 years and 80 months 🙂 )

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  1. hee hee .. thats a special one for people who are dieting … call it diet tandoori and eat a full chicken without any worry (and the Burp Burp)… shabdo par mat jao bhawanaoo ko samjho .. sheere-punjab is going to get some more orders for diet-tandoori-chickens after this post .. hope they don’t sue me 🙂

  2. People eating papita ka sabji is called after-effect of not dieting (and eating in “kal ho na ho” style) and people eating diet-chicken falls under a special category known as political dieting 🙂

  3. political dieting is doing the dieting (resolution) as a politician follows their resolution made to public and kal ho na ho style dieting is to eat to the fullness, kya pata kal phir din dan ho nahi ho.

    People who eat diet tandooris can avoid papita ka sabji 🙂

  4. din dan nahi dandin!!!! And moreover politicians do not follow what they promise so kya pata woh political dieting thi shere punjab mein yaa kal ho na ho style dieting.

  5. it was as proper a diet as politician’s resolution ….

    >> din dan nahi dandin!!!!
    Hum logo ke leye woh dandin hai aur kuch logo ke liye dan din 🙂

    Me closing the chapter of dandin then

  6. Ingredients
    1 (800 gms) of chicken
    1 tblspn of lemon juice
    1 tspn of red chilli powder
    Salt to taste
    ½ tspn of chaat masala

    Ingredients For Marination
    2 tblspns of mustard oil
    1 tspn of red chilli powder
    200 gms of yogurt
    3 tblspns of garlic paste
    2 tblspns of ginger paste
    2 tblspns of lemon juice
    1 tspn of garam masala powder
    Salt according to taste

    These are the ingredients used to make chicken tandoori…..really wonder how it can b called diet tandoori…hehehhheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. hmm … aap tho Chicken thandoori bhe banana janthe hai (thanks to Google) … Let me spell out the secret behind diet tandoori and how you can make it happen. I still remember the waiters expressions when we were there at Peter Cat .. we had all oily food .. chelos .. chickens (the usual inhuman way) and at last WE ASKED FOR DIET COKE … he looked at us as if he was going through the complete Ingredients of what we had and trying to fit in the word diet in it :). I always repent after going wrong but with diet it is an endless loop I am in 🙁 but still trying. One should appreciate my attempts/failures …

  8. Hi Sir,
    Your face was indeed in a mess. And the “Joy Guru” Tilak was also interesting, too. 🙂 As for your 7th 21st b’day, we all hope you very soon find someone who has not celebrated more than her 12th 16th b’day… 😉
    BTW Sir, you are so lucky you got a call from someone at 7:30 in the morning and that too from someone you dont even know and only met through your blog (i wonder though, how did she get your no.. 🙂 )… I wish i also see a day when girls would be calling me after knowing me through my blog… But certainly not for Rakhi this time….. 🙂 🙂

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