A new year is a restart option

I call it restart option. It is such a wonderful day where you get a feel of restart. From your messy last month, last year you can give your life a restart. You can buy a new book for your finances, a new work report, a new way to start your love life, a better plan for your spiritual activities. All happens on the very first day.

Happy New Year!

I wish you and your family members a very happy new year. Last year was full of challenges and a lot of important devisions made. I have a lot to that. I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and love. Also I thank God Almighty for His presence in my life.

Everyone is suppose to take these and here I follow:

  1. Will plan my finances better. Every morning I will add it to my budgeting section.
  2. Will write 2 books: 1) Blogging – Anonymity to Identity 2) (name hidden) A book on Online marketing, covering almost all aspects of online marketing.
  3. Will start a blog on spiritual experiences.

I want to make this year, year of Love, year of organizing and year of earning.

Afraid of making resolution?
As many, do you think resolutions are useless? Its a personal stuff then why do you say it in public? I can take these decisions anytime, why wait for the start of an year? What if I don’t make these resolutions happen?

Oh Man! Don’t worry! It’s the time to restart, you can do it anytime but its a mind game where you feel ITS REALLY A RESTART TIME (making it a little easier). When you make resolutions in public it helps you as a forced motivator. It helps you force yourself. You have personal commitments and the success of your decisions is completely personal but still a public resolution helps you put a little force on yourself. It also works as a reminder. So enjoy resolutions and have a very happy new year. May God bless you with all great things this year!

What is your resolution this year?

4 Replies to “A new year is a restart option”

  1. Haha, I guess I’m not afraid to make my resolutions VERY public!

    To start this year off right, I made a list of my resolutions and turned it into a sale at resolutionsale.com, my first sale ever! So far the sale is going somewhat slow, probably due to the holidays and my difficulty in reaching JV partners, but the sale is converting at 3% and the OTO is converting at 85% so I can only hope that will keep up!

    Happy New Year, blessings to all!

    Nelson Minica

  2. ajibhaiyya….u r some body really gr8 in the making…..it does not mean that ur not gr8 now…………..i can picture u some years from now…….may god be with u & bless u….!!!! may he make u successful in everything that u do…….!!!!
    best wishes,

  3. Thanks Benjo, such comments gives a lot of encouragement and asks you to be even more responsible. I want to be honest in all that I do and pray to God to keep me sane. Thanks again for the wishes, please keep praying.

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