MBA – More supply OR less demand

In recent times I have seen more companies developing a bad taste for MBAs. I have personally advised few of my friends not to enroll for MBA programs (correspondence mainly) as they could go with more inline courses. MBA is (or was) a buzz degree.

Here are some of the thoughts at Bnet about MBA programs:

  • Five Hard Truths About the MBA:
    1. Hard Truth No. 1: The ROI isn’t what it used to be.
    2. Hard Truth No. 2: The training has become too theoretical.
    3. Hard Truth No. 3: Some of the people skills needed to be a manager today can’t be taught in the business school environment.
    4. Hard Truth No. 4: MBA programs propagate management fads.
    5. Hard Truth No. 5: The pressure to succeed inside MBA programs has weakened safeguards against cheating.
  • The Secret Guide to the MBA Curriculum:
  • What Executives Really Think of MBAs:
    1. Value the Program, Not the Degree
    2. Hard-Working, High-Maintenance
    3. Dropouts Make Better Entrepreneurs
    4. Practical Experience Is a Necessary Foundation for Theory
    5. Salespeople Don’t Need MBAs
    6. MBAs in IT

    “You Harvard guys don’t know crap about the way businesses really run.” – Howard Woolf, then a director of marketing at DEC, to a trio of consultants with Harvard MBAs as overheard by the author. Woolf is now president of the Converged Billing Solution Group at Comverse, a $1 billion-a-year provider of multimedia services.

  • Three New Year’s Resolutions for MBA Students:
    1. Get (more) comfortable with public speaking.
    2. Dial back on the procrastination.
    3. Stop relying on school for the easy excuse.
  • Three Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting Grad School:
    1. Don’t stress over not having a business background.
    2. Three hours of class time at the end of a workday isn’t as bad as it sounds.
    3. Earning an MBA means more than mastering the coursework.
  • Finding the Value in Wasted Time:

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  1. Thanks, I will be writing two posts in continuation, may be today itself

    1) When to do MBA and When not.
    2) Why I still prefer to recruit (a MBA sometimes) from a B-school?

    I wanted to write it today morning only but was in a hurry for office so could not finish it then.

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