My first day at DigitalAvenues was really great

All happened really quick, on 25th Apr got a call from DigitalAvenues for an interview, on 29th Apr I took a leave and went for the interview. Reached there at 12:40 (instead of 12:30 because of huge traffic jam) and started interview in next 15 minutes. Partners after partners talked, we liked each other, thought of getting married and DONE. They prepared the paper, I signed it and I was in. On 30th Apr, I served a one month notice period to Grmtech and somehow that day became my last day there. I called up DigitalAvenues and asked them for an early join and they agreed. Took a day off yesterday (1st May) and I was in office today (2 may), my first day at office.

I reached there before 9, called up the guys and they were surprised since they were not prepared as I was going to join them officially on Tuesday (6th May). I was in t-shirt and jeans, so I asked them about the company dress code. I heard this back, “Wearing something is important, what you wear is not” (We laughed and carried on). Within minutes I was in the conference room going through some ppts about their new product line. When I saw the product, I was forced to say “WOW!!!!!“. Then I met another partner, he explained to me about the service part of the business and the whole model. I will be taking care of the web marketing department from Tuesday. We did a lot of official talks including an introduction to the pillars of DigitalAvenues (the core team leaders). It was more fun (amazingly fun) than work. My first day at DigitalAvenues was really great.

I was amazed at:

  1. Their ability to think and deliver big.
  2. Their achievement in short span of time.
  3. Their colorful PPTs, it looked so amazingly professional.
  4. Their crystal clear strategies.
  5. Their pristine clear mission and commitment towards delegating their vision to the bottom of the company. The management layer was into the business strategies rather than work.
  6. They having amazing fun inside the office.
  7. Amazingly artistic crowd. Their designers are really talented and a search on web shows the same (see some work).
  8. Enough for the first day 🙂

I will be spending another unofficial day tomorrow at DigitalAvenues.

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  1. sometimes people make a huge difference in the environment surrounding you… and you are one who does that Sir… i am sure those guys in your new company would realize your true worth very soon…

    U ROCK SIR!!

  2. Hi Aji,

    First of all many many congratulations, that you have got a job as u desired ( I hope so ). You were truly a great leader, a honest guy, who takes care of his every team member and handles all the problem with a cool mind. I never seen aji to loose his temper. That is a great quality of a Best quality Leader.

    You have the solution for everything. It is very sad to know that you will be no more in Grmtech. But we will surely miss you a lot.

    May God bless you with all the happiness of this world and you get many more good offer.:)

  3. Thanks Prasanta,

    I am going to take a backup of my blog comments and will keep it close to me for those bad days when I can go demotivated. I am sure that these comments can keep me motivated for some real long periods. May God bless you and help you in your journey. Keep in touch.

    @rajesh: Yeah they have some real talented people. Looking forward to work with them.

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