Where were you all these 7 months?

I was on a look for a good employer for the last 6 to 7 months. Met and talked with many, even took an off to disturb yahoo’s interview at Park Hotel for a good job. I did not like many, many did not call me, many did not value me enough and nothing worked out for several months but ……

For last one week, things have changed. After announcing my resignation on my blog and alumni list, I started getting hell lot of calls and mails. I already got committed to DigitalAvenues with good perks and more importantly good culture and quality work but people are still trying to lure me with better perks. The highest offer been close to 125k per month, Gosh! where were you all these 7 months? Thats why I still call life stranger than fiction. Anyway I appreciated and enjoyed all these offers and talks. I am on the track to shrink my CV and enjoy the journey.

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  1. Wish you all the best.
    I have learnt so many things from you rather from your blog. Today I can’t stop myself from writing this comment. May god bless you all the time and be the best again.


  2. Wow!!! what an encouragement and esp at this phase of life. Thanks for dropping in with this great comment. I thought we hardly worked for few months together, apart from answering some of your queries at hedir.com :), good to know that you were reading my blog. Great Great, and thanks for all the wishes. I am trying hard to give my new career a start. Pretty excited I must say. Keep reading and more importantly keep posting comments. May God bless you with greater success.

  3. Hello Aji

    Wish you happiness, success and all the very best . ALWAYS……….


  4. Yes Aji, you are right. I’m glad that you remember me. Thanks….Take care and keep well…..

  5. I came to know this from your blog only. I read your blog regularly because I find it interesting and informative. Sorry for being so late in posting comments. I hope its never too late to begin.

    I am working in Jalandhar right now as an SEO. Yes, it has been two years since I left Kolkata (September 2006). And I started working here in March 2007. It took around 5-6 months to settle down and find a job here.

    Keep us updated with your posts…………..

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