MSN Messenger worm works in multiple languages

I was watching the news on Kelvir.HI worm, a variant of the Kelvir IM malware for last two days, it is getting some real coverage as first instant-message bug capable of checking systems settings and communicating in the victim’s native tongue.

Till Now I didn’t get this on my messanger, anyway I am shifted to GTalk.

My Daily News Page

I always had problem going through all tech sites to get the latest news , now I have compiled all together on a single page at , I call it goodmorning Page.

You too can make it a goodmorning page , starting your day with it. I have two more pages , one dealing with debt consolidation and another the top stories across all the leading news sites.

so here are your good morning pages

All was possible with RSS and CARP ( Displaying RSS feeds on your site) . I had some problems with Carp as well, I did some code manipulation to make it work. I will soon share it here.

Microsoft launches Windows Vista Beta 1

Microsoft launches Windows Vista Beta 1

Microsoft has made available the first Windows Vista beta to developers and IT professionals, following the announcement of the name of its next generation operating system, Windows Vista (previously code-named ‘Longhorn’).

A good review is given at , Do not forget to check the XImage Features.

Tried the Google Talk

Today early morning I saw Sergey Brin’s Pic with their new IM and it was not too late when we started talking about it. I also got few invitation from known and unknown people.

I downloaded it from, the first thing it did was uninstall my gmail notifier. I tried to invite few guys but it said you do not have enough invitation available 🙁 .

Marketing gmail with GTalk and GTalk with GMail, not bad . “According to a person who has seen the service, Google plans to let users chat using more than just their keyboards. Like similar programs from competitors, Google Talk also will let computer users with a headset have voice conversations with other computer users with headsets, this person said. ”

Are they going to give a fight to skype, which says the whole world can talk for free. Lets see where they go , anyway I am for it.

You can read more about it at

Also you will see releasing a new piece of software from Google that could challenge both Microsoft and Yahoo, on various levels. The free program, known as Sidebar, presents consumers with a pane of customized information — such as weather forecasts, stock quotes, news headlines, text feeds from favorite Web sites, photo slideshows and email alerts — that sits alongside whatever else the user is viewing. It provides some functions similar to Yahoo’s popular MyYahoo customized Web-page service.


Let me end the brand building for google with a little interesting news , Google Buys Android for Its Mobile Arsenal
The search giant quietly acquires the startup, netting possibly a key player in its push into wireless, “the next frontier in search”

Way to google , Bill Gates and Yahoo are still in race

Checking some debt solvers

I am working on some artilces explaining the best ways to solve your debts, this is simple Started writing on it again,

The formula is simple,

  1. Increase Income.
  2. Reduce debt
  3. Try the comination of both

When I was a college student I always stressed on (1) more than (2) but later in life realized that “one penny saved is more than one earned”.

Country-State-City Database

I wanted a drop down for country , state and city and doubted the possibility. I scanned the internet for few DBs, I got the country DBs from many websites but there was no single available through top google search allowing me a country state drop down.

I decided to search further and got the following things for :-

  1. – A free Geo IP country DB
  2. , also I checked my databases and found that I already have the city database.

Now the problem was how to map between country and state. I found the maxmind systems are following some standard codes ,

  • for country (it is ISO 3166 Country Codes)
  • for state it is following FIPS 10-4 Subcountry codes , which is a combination of country and region code , example for India the regions are :-
    IN,01,”Andaman and Nicobar Islands”
    IN,02,”Andhra Pradesh”
    IN,06,”Dadra and Nagar Haveli”

This solved my mapping problem but now I have to convert it to a DB to make it a perfect dropdown. I do not want it to refresh the page with every drop down so I have planned to use jpspan .

This will solve the problem and also I have asked my team to provide the DB for free.

Have a nice Day.