Internet penetration – India shining kya?

Like me if you have interest in watching Indian Internet market and web user behavior then this post is certainly for you. I see all positive signs now, be it community building or my neighbor/student pressing more and more of Google search button for homeworks.

Here are some of the stats for a world-wide comparison:
(Subscribers per 100 inhabitants)

Denmark 31.9
Netherlands 31.8
Iceland 29.7
Korea 29.1
Switzerland 28.5
Norway 27.7
Finland 27.2
Sweden 26.0
Canada 23.8
Belgium 22.5
United Kingdom 21.6
Luxembourg 20.4
France 20.3
Japan 20.2
United States 19.6
Australia 19.2
Austria 17.3
Germany 17.1
Spain 15.3
Italy 14.8

More details at

India is somewhere 0.19. For more of Indian stats click here. Expecting 9 million broadband users by the end of 2007, from 2 million to 9 million in one year, not bad at all.

One stat that really motivated(also surprised) me to think sleep over my old ideas, “13% of American adults report they have downloaded or watched video ads“. Video is happening big time, I too watch ping pong videos on youtube to improve my game at office.

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