Do ladies talk more?

As a marketer we were always taught that ladies talk more and should be targeted for major viral marketing campaigns. According to the stats: “A woman uses about 20,000 words per day while a man uses about 7,000“.

Mark Liberman strongly disagrees with the stats. (It also contains the snippet of the above referred book which talks a lot about (fe)male brain, like fight-talks-look-sex-phone-etc, you may need it anytime.)

Sholey basanti - me tho yum hi kam bolti hu Chris tucker from rush hour Do ladies talk more?

What do you say?

As someone (it has to be one and only one, Sidhu) rightly said, “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital“. Here is a conversation between a husband and his own wife.

Let’s take it A husband looking through the paper came upon a study that said women use more words than men.
Excited to prove to his wife that he had been right all along when he accused her of talking too much, he showed her the study results. It read “Men use about 15,000 words per day, but women use 30,000”.
The wife thought for a while, then finally she said to her husband “It’s because we have to repeat everything we say.”
The husband said “What?”

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According to latest research, During a 17-hour day Men speak just as many words (about 15,669) as the women do (16,215).

Can orkut scrapbooks be used for some more research?

What is your opinion about it?

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  1. Wellll………………………

    That’s wat people generally think 😀 . But then, when it comes to telling husbands or shall i say requesting them to do something , they generally listen it when told the 2nd time & in later years , donot listen even after 4times of repetition. Now, wat do you have to say to that ?? 😀

  2. I completely agree with this…women talk much much much more than men. Possible reasons:

    1. They have less IQ (my personal experience) so do not understand whether the other person is getting them or not.
    2. Some of them lack in vocab, so more words are needed to communicate.
    3. They are unmindful, so cannot keep track whatever they are saying.

    And to Priyanka: Please read wikipedia about laziness, you will understand why people (read men) don’t do what you say.

  3. “If you talk more you will think less
    And if your think more you will not get enough time to talk” — Some one said this.

    This is very true for the girls. If you travel in a bus or a train you will easily understand that. Some women are really not interested to travel in the ladies compartment because of the howling the made every day. Though some girls are not in this list. Still 95% women are same. They think less and talk more. Girls do not get angry. Frankly speaking I can not tell lie.

  4. In response to all the above posts that indirectly or directly comment that women are dumb:

    Man says to God: “God, why did you make woman so beautiful?” God says:
    “So you would love her.” “But God,” the man says, “why did you make her
    so dumb?” God says: “So she would love you.

  5. If SHE was not dumb, SHE would love HER?
    Anyways, so God says that Women are dumb, otherwise they would not love Men who are not as Beautiful as Women!

    Now guys, go through the page below:

  6. “Yes, You r absolutely correct. “Woman talks more”. However men are responsible for that. We have to say 100 and more lines to make you understand one simple thing which women can understand by a single line 🙂 .


  7. Daisy you r rite……I sumtimes wonder why do men take so long to understand wat we say??? We wld stop beng “talkative” if they start comprehending things a bit faster…..I REALLY WONDER

  8. Oh my God! I thought it was a marketing post.

    @Abhirupa and Daisy,

    >> We have to say 100 and more lines to make you understand one simple thing which women can understand by a single line
    >> We wld stop beng “talkative” if they start comprehending things a bit faster…..I REALLY WONDER

    I dare to answer this (Maa mujhe sakthi do):

    1. As we don’t watch K serials and without masters in (eeeee)K(taaaaaa) serials it is impossible to understand most of complex structured simple one liner talks.
    2. There is a saying “If a politician say no to anything doubt his credentials and if a women say yes to anything do the same”. For a women “No means yes but yes doesn’t mean no” .. oh so confusing, we certainly need simpler answers to understand it faster.
    3. Men allow women to talk more as: when a woman is not talking then she is thinking, which can be more dangerous for everyones health, so allow them talk more. This is also known as Risk management
    4. There are more reasons but my cousin sisters are not helping me any further :). Let me add one more point(Some girls are not suppose to read this, DONT READ, plz don’t read), “I think female voices are sweet to ears so we love to hear more of it”. I need to confess my sins soon.

    @Saikat: Panga mat le yaar! Susmita is preparing a big comment to answer you, so keep watching.

  9. Girls have to defend now. The question is whether ladies talk more or not. Here already 3 ladies agreed that they talk more than men. The reasons given (ladies please correct me if I misunderstood any reason or justification 🙂 ):

    1) They talk more because they had to request more than once. ( To me their request more often turned off as their demand which is unrealistic, childish, ….etc )

    2) They talk more so that they can love men. ( wow what a loving speech. Now I can truely realize that love has no barrier and women can understand it much more than men. 🙂 )

    3) They had to talk more because men are incapable of understanding simple things. ( as of now I haven’t seen any woman who is simple to understand. )

    Girls, I had to utter so many words to make you understand as you people say that you are dump people (who can love and talk more) 😀

  10. @Arindam bhai -> you need a girl friend and the only alternative to it can be a long talk with deba da
    >> To me their request more often turned off as their demand which is unrealistic, childish, ….etc )
    Arindam bhai, it is called pampering and trust me, without pampering you won’t be able to survive this journey, they give you chances to pamper them. Dude, learn the trick before life tricks you :).

    >> as of now I haven’t seen any woman who is simple to understand
    Understanding them is very simple, read or start watching K series on *+ or become a solitary programmer :).

    >> Thanks Aji for the statistics.
    Don’t forget to read what Sidhu said about statistics 🙂 …. thanks for the comment.

  11. Hey guys!

    I have also felt at times that women are dumb… but whenever I looked back to the age of human civilization, rarely did I come across a place or time when women had a better opportunity for cultivating thoughts than men….it seems we are out to judge soul-reaping through two uneven platforms…now thats not fair!

    When we talk about this mind-cultivation, we men have to make sure that it never turns out to be another hare-n-tortoise race…where the modern women with a better material store should get past us with time…
    Regards, Arindam Sen

  12. Hello Saikat,

    Girls aren’t unmindful; it’s the boys who don’t listen even after being told twice and thrice. They keep on thinking about..(well i don’t know what) but girls hardly get a response at that moment. This is what I have noticed when I see couples around me. And girls do have good IQs because research says a girl is much more intelligent and can understand better than a boy of the same age. That’s the reason why most parents want their sons to marry a girl below their age.

    Regarding girls having less vocabulary, oh no, not at all. If research says so, then the researchers better do another research as things have changed now.

  13. astay ladies…
    its worth noting how ladies
    talk so much at such ease

    the only solution is to put some tax or fees
    so that men may have some peace

    guys – say CHEESE
    gals – EXCUSE ME PLEASE…

  14. >> the only solution is to put some tax or fees
    NOOOOOOOOOO, plzzzzzzzzzz …. People say I talk a lot and strangely I am paid for it … already I am tax stuck guy, don’t put more burden on me. My suggestion is to make a talk mill (something like wind mill) … let ladies earn more out of it (oops!! did I say they talk more, sorry, mistake again)

    >> otherwise whats the use being a man or a woman. Accept it that they are different, each complements the other’s deficiencies.
    Yeah ek dum must boli aap, accepted. Any plans of replacing Sonia Gandhi or Mamta :)?

  15. Did you know ?????
    Word “Woman” has “man” in it,
    Word “Mrs.” has “Mr.” in it,
    Word “Female” has “male” in it,
    And word “Madam” has “adam” in it,

    So always we need to use more words to describe woman then man.

  16. One way I can suggest to stop ladies from talking, is to ask her age and for the time being you will see that she has really stopped her talking. You can use this trick to stop the ladies. Haaa haaa haaa ……..:)

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