Do India need another Gandhi?

I see people more independent, more confident and ready to dream big. From being a third nation India is cruising with great self-believe. I have seen more entrepreneurs coming out of recent batches than ever before. In last 60 years we have achieved a lot and in recent few years even more.

Look at the sensex for last 2 years:
Sensex for last 2 years

People are investing more with mutual funds(taking risks), starting more companies and so on and on. Keep going India and

“Happy Independence Day to all”

My message for the day
Take pride in what you do and excel in whatever you do. Do India need another Gandhi? Probably no but it certainly needs more Manjunaths, Capt Saurabh Kalias and more importantly you and me. Don’t forget to play your part in India’s growth. If you can work hard and create another job, do that. If you can bring smile on one more Indian face, do that, it doesn’t cost you a penny. You don’t need to sit on roads to show your involvement. Everyone of us is needed and wishing you a very responsible, independent, empowered, less selfish and happy Independence day-year.

My Plan for the day
We have many programs today, my fav is the community lunch next to skit. I am playing two small roles – “A real estate buyer” and “Business Man” (I still need to prepare the dialogs, we are already warned for extra improvisation like asking different question than the planned, sorry can’t remember all Malayalam lines) . Then I will be presenting a short-story and a speech. I will be back home by 7:00.

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2 Replies to “Do India need another Gandhi?”

  1. Happy Independence Day to you too…

    well we don’t need another Gandhi…. but if we play our part.. then it’ll be more than enough……

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