Aug 15 Celebrations

After talking to few people about the need of another Gandhi i left for Aug 15 celebrations at Church, where we had different competitions and programs. It is a big story, keeping it short with some images. Enjoy!

Update: More pics at

(Click on the images to enlarge it, I am waiting for more images)

speaking on "Never Never Never Quit"

Bargaining for a land

Business Man

Taking an interview

Desperately asking for a job

Editing ….


Bro, who is taller?

My bro

Lunch time – I am on diet but 🙁

Skit was more fun as we mixed up our dialogs and director was all shocked and we were all laughing and laughing …..
Pic2: I am left on stage without co-actors as they misplaced their costumes and I was asked to cookup some runtime dialogs.
Pic 4: He forgot the scene and was not falling on my feet and I kept on repeating the same dialog. We had to be reminded by the director.

Overall it was more fun that we thought, I enjoyed the day. The topic of the final speech was “How you can and should make a difference in the society”. There were few interesting stories with great morals. I will be writing it over all soon.

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