I am back to blogging

I been an inactive blogger for last few months. I can pen down few reasons for the state of silence but will not help anyone. Finally I am back to the world of blogging. After three years of experiments with “.coms” of the World Wide Web I decided to take a break. I visited my relatives in Kerala and spent some good time there. For last few weeks,
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A very Happy New year to all

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, wishing that 2006 will bring all joy,peace, happiness and success to your life. Live life king size and enjoy every single moment. Share it with your friends , family and close ones.

Now I have a official blog at http://www.ajimathew.grmtech.com .


Welcome year 2006

shifting of web hosting server

My friend Dennis was very good to me with whom I hosted idealwebtools.com for last 2 years. I want some more facility like .htaccess (mod_write) and ssh so I have shifted the host today.

The work is still going on but the very first thing I did was making the blog run. May be in a day or two we will be able to settle things to the proper state.

Finally Got a better Internet Connection

My cable internet was slow for last 2 weeks making blogging and other activities slower; finally I made a decision to invest money on another connection. I applied for dataone 256 home connections (Rs 500 per month), within a week I got the connection and now I have a downloading speed of 120 kbps.

I had to call a series of phone number to get my username, the customer care was always busy but at last I am happy to see a faster internet. Let’s give it some more time.

My Bday – wishes in NIMC istyle

All I missed was Bday bumps and GP Party, thanks to all junis for refreshing my NIMC BDay memories where I celebrated my last 4 bdays(luckily last one with the alumni meet).

I remember the initial days when we use to have the special bday wishes mela below the cellular jail (some call it Girls Hostel) and then a chase and found game developed by Warden LLC followed by punishments and GP party with desi ghee. Also it is difficult to forget the bday bumps (esp Dhanos) by well dressed(heavy shoes specially made for such events) Nimcians.

I wish a very “Happy Teachers day�? to all my official and unofficial teachers.

It is 12:45 am, hewitt just defeated Taylor Dent with a tough five setter and next is Maria vs Sania, let me take a break from blogs and internets. Best Luck Sania.

Have fun and thanks for all your blessings.