Indian Firefox gang – Lets be #1 firefox fan

Are you still living with Internet Explorers. Try firefox fellows, lets get firefox 3, a new generation all together. I just got an invitation for firefox download day on June 17, 2008. Are you ready. Indians are far behind.

Go ahead and pledge.

Total pledges so far

  • Total – 1,082,445
  • US – 178,972 – 16%
  • India19277- 1.7%

For more detailed stat, click here

Firefox download day

Indian fans, lets do our part, lets invite our friends and lets be the #1 firefox fans. I have already pledged for it and forwarded to all my friends.

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here goes my 1000th post at WMW –

I have populated (sometimes polluted too) a lot forums which included highrankings (did not go well because of one post :), was part of a marketing campaign, I still cherish it), WPW (caught up on a promoting foot once, same marketing campaign, it was fun as well), many more with various names due to official obligations. I have cherished WMW forum the most due to the authentic help that I received there. They are far more professional than any other forum I participated in, amazingly professional.

Web Master World - WMW logo
I have got more help than what I offered. Today I completed my 1000th at WMW. A long journey, I must say. Read for more details :). Good night, I will complete my next post tomorrow.

Digital Avenues (web dept) recruiting for some positions

Last one month had been a great experience. From “Test your leader” session to recent whole day meetings, I enjoyed every bit of it. I am still handling a lot of products, a mix of products and services is making it even more fun. Now a lot of things are organized and we (the web department) are ready to expand. We will go for bigger expansion after 3 months, this month we want to put the pillars in place.

Current openings are:

  1. Link Leader: We want to develop a good team focused on building links for our clients. One who will put the best practices and will train the new members.
  2. Content head: We want to redefine how most of Indian companies design/write content on an outsourcing contract. We will offer the best services. Our content head will put the practices and process in place.
  3. Tech Leader: Automating most of the non-intellectual repetitive and developing some cool plugins and tools for web world. As usual, innovation will continue.
  4. Link Developers: We need few link developers as well.

I will get the complete profile from HR and will post it here. If you are interested in joining us, please forward your CVs to aji.issac(att) We will surely have a lot of fun.

Update (june 05):

Thanks for all of your emails. I have tried to answer as many emails as possible, will try to answer others. I am almost done for tech leader, content head and link head. Also got some CVs for Link developers. I will only be recruiting new people for link developers as I want to experiment something here. After 3 months, we will go a bigger recruitment wave, keep watching.

Starting with Kolkata web – – Jeetbo re

This is Saturday again, a day dedicated for my own work and interest. I have been thinking about creating a very strong web group in Kolkata for almost an year now. Let’s give it a push now. I am an entrepreneur. Not all entrepreneur want to create big companies only, some want to create things that can be used. I think I too fall in the second category of entrepreneurs.

Join Web Kolkata

Kolkata web group

What are the plans

  • Ask more and more people to join web kolkata group.
  • Get some sponsors.
  • Make a small team to manage the group activities.
  • One big conference for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. Invite some big names.
  • Web entrepreneurship education to school.

What are you waiting for???? Join

My Magical wallet is dead

I want to blog more often but then I am (happily) keeping myself busy with so many other things that blogging is almost not getting its deserved time. Now I have 5 minutes to blog post :). I am going to write about my magical wallet. It is finally dead and replaced with another lower range (hopefully more organized) wallet.

Magical wallet
(My dead magical wallet)

Why magical?
It’s rather funny but true. If the first search says you have 0 Rs inside then search again to find other 100 Rs (in folded notes, hidden coins) and so on. Search once more and you might find some money for one time meal (applicable only in Kolkata). It was so messed up that coins used to hide inside notes and notes behind coins.

The last words from my magical wallet
I (wallet) played my role well but you (Aji) did not take care of me. I wish you didn’t have put following things inside me:

  1. Two bunch of keys.
  2. All bills folded.
  3. Your class notes.
  4. Orbits.
  5. Identity cards from your school days.
  6. Other plastic cards. (Why the hell you need so many membership??)
  7. Over 50 Coins sometimes (Do you remember how you paid 50 rs using coins only?)
  8. Comb (Yuk!!!! your comb used to enter inside me sometimes)
  9. Small pen (I don’t know who invented it but certainly I would have killed that Chinese guy? Chinese is just a guess as behind such innovation u see Chinese only :).)

You killed me Aji
The last but the most important point, you sat on almost everyday. I was full with almost all craps and moreover YOU SAT ON ME. I survived for 5 years but finally I am dead, thanks to you Aji.

Stop laughing
It was a woodland (soft leather) wallet worth 1,200 Rs (5 years back) and very comfortable. I shifted to a relatively cheaper one this time. You can wish it best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy new week!
(Btw I will keep myself busy reading books and implementing some of the theories.)

Oh valentine! Oh love! LOVE IsA NON-SPREADSHEETAL

I was going through Abhirupa’s post titled “Some say love is“, so thought of writing this valentine post. (btw I love the whole song collection, check this out “Love can build a bridge).

Last Sunday was quite special, it was a pre-valentine day (and next Sunday is “what after valentine”) and the speaker talked about “Valentine day” (You can also read the chapter talking about Love and the whole book by Solomon). So what is it all about? Love? Gifts? Proposing? Expectations? or just a buzzyy?? Who careesssssss, let no other person defines what it means to you but you, you alone.

Where is love? Where is love :)?

When I wrote “Oh valentine! Oh love! Oh you lover”, I wanted to write about what love is. Here I am talking about love between an Adam and an Eve. The love between adams and eves are special as it is one which comes with a lot of choices when compared to parental or sibling love with one option. You are free to choose your lover (oh really!). You build a lot of expectation around this love line and almost make it over fictionalized. Still it is a special one, gifted to you by chance but it is your responsibly to work it out well till the end, so here I go:

Love is

  1. is a feeling: You can’t always express it in words, it is something you feel. “Are you in love?” is sometimes the most difficult question thrown at you. Verbal communication is also important but not a must (esp for Indian culture). The eyes says it all. The touch communicates it deeper and the separation(explained deep missing) explains all. You can take this valentine’s day and say it in your special way, “I love you! I really do“.
  2. is always one sided: When you love someone, it starts as one sided only. All the FOSLA members can redefine their clubs.
  3. is a little deeper than liking: I may start linking something about a person but to love that person it goes a little deeper. Love sometimes (most of the times) starts by getting attracted to something you like but it doesn’t stop there. It was just a beginning of something wonderful.
  4. is a COMMITMENT: Oh this is my favorite one. Love can start by chance but you cant stay in love by chance, it has to be, by choice, by commitment. Love is very strong but the lovers need to reach closer to true love with every moment, every step. Every fight makes it stronger, every dinner together renews it.
  5. is selfless: I don’t matter in love, it is more about your love and then we.
  6. is great understanding: It stands on understanding. I like this quote, “Sometimes love ain’t nothing but a misunderstanding between two well understood fools”.
  7. is strength: It gives you a lot of strength and IT IS TRUTH. When you are in love, don’t be afraid, just stand firm and say I am in love.
  8. is change: It brings a lot of changes in you. You start changing yourself to make the feeling grow and stay.
  9. is sacrificial: I don’t want to use the word sacrifice, I still want to say the word commitment and responsibility. You leave something, you change something but all is for good. You can still leave everything to make your love happy.
  10. is not for intelligent people: They can never understand these feelings, its ROI and the whole purpose of it. So never ever try to explain an intelligent person what love is and probably you wont have to explain it to a fool who ever been in love as he/she will understand through your eyes.
  11. is NOT COMPETITIVE: hell with those who says, see what his lover did or her lover did. You don’t want to buy a gift so that others can see and your social points for being a lover increases. I will choose to be a fool in front of the society to be the smartest guy for my love.
  12. is Open: There is nothing that one need to hide. You can feel very comfortable is saying, “Honey! I messed it up, Sorry”. Don’t lie but accept the faults :).

I wanted to write a lot about it but I need to reach office before the day starts shining really hard. I will conclude the part 1 of the series by calling LOVE A NON-SPREADSHEETAL. Love never keeps an account of bad things, it keeps erasing everything bad from your books/spreadsheets. “That day you said this”, “year and a half past since you said a sorry” and so on. Don’t keep an account of your love activities, let is flow smooth. Don’t define, don’t plan, don’t copy but just be honestly-committed-oneSidedly-selflessly in love.
HAPPY VALentine Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some relevant recent blog posts I read:

My Next post can be:
In love there is Honeymoon period and sometimes sun stoke periods too.

Sun Micro bought MySQL for $1 billion

I generally don’t cover industry news on my blog but this is surely an exception, Sun Micro buying MySQL for $1 billion. I was reading Jonathan Schwartz (Chief Executive Officer and President, Sun Microsystems, Inc.), when I stumbled upon Helping Dolphins Fly, where he said, “we’re putting a billion dollars behind the M in LAMP. If you’re an industry insider, you’ll know what that means – we’re acquiring MySQL AB, the company behind MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database.”

Sun bought mysql

This is good news! I just digged a little deeper into the happening at, which says,

Forrester Research analyst Mike Gilpin said the acquisition was not so much about going head to head in the database market with Oracle Corp (ORCL.O: Quote, Profile, Research) or IBM (IBM.N: Quote, Profile, Research), but about strengthening its position in helping to run the Internet.

Btw, Oracle is the owner of the InnoDB database engine in MySQL (There are other storage engines, see falcon). I wonder how this might affect the global partnership between Sun and Oracle.

“This is Sun girding its loins for battle against Microsoft in terms of who’s going to run the Web,” he said.

Many of the top Internet sites like Facebook and youtube are running on Mysql.

I still wonder $1 billion?????? Isn’t it too much. Ebay paid a whooping $4.1 billion for skype and later regretted for it. I just hope that it doesn’t happen with Sun. Only 1% of mysql users pay for it. The only question that remains:

Will Sun tweak the license to milk its $1 billion?

Anyway a BIG News for the day!

Merry Christmas – Know the Greatest Gift

Merry Christmas to everyone! May God bless everyone with His Riches this year! Christmas is a great season of love, sharing, caring and joy. We forget everything bad and wish everyone a Merry Christmas with all Joy.

Christmas is just not about Drinking or Eating,
Its not about just gifting and meeting,
Its is certainly not about forgetting the Bday Boy,
Its not all about the vanishing Joy,
Its about Life, Its about the purpose and Its about YOU.

This Season I want to introduce you the Greatest Gift that a Christmas offers. I am writing this as many don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas and why it is to be celebrated (I don’t feel sorry for the commercialization done by the companies but I feel sorry for unthematic acceptance by us). We all know that it is about the Birth of Jesus but may not understand the purpose of it. I will write it in simpler words:

  • Jesus came to this world to give us a life through him. Every sinner needs to die says all the laws, so says the God too. Jesus came to die for us that we can get an eternal life through Him (Sometimes it is good to think what will happen to us after we die) John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whosoever believes on him may not perish, but have life eternal“. The Joy is the joy of getting a Life through the Saviour, so everyone celebrates it with such Great Joy.

So let this Christmas be a little more meaningful for all of us :). We celebrate it in a different way. “A family that prays together stays together“, we all fast this whole day and spend the whole day at Church praying, singing, dancing and thanking. It is a Great Day!

Merry Christmas to all!

If you have missed the cake do ping me before it is too late ๐Ÿ™‚ Some captured moments before my finish my post.

Christmas Cake
(Cake distribution at Office)

Christmas Santa
(Santa on all of our computers :), thanks to Hardeep for this)

Lead India Ad – Really touchy

Anyone who know me knows my passion towards ads. Here is an ad that is really touchy (may be a completely person opinion), very well made.

Here is a quote that I can very well gel with the theme of the ad, “Sometimes you need to take few steps all alone to see if there are others to follow….” (copyright on the quote, ask me before copying ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Well, I am planning to upload some videos using my not so old N95.

I am not blogging this month

This is a sabbath month for my blogging .. SORRY … I don’t think I will be blogging till Oct 19, 2007. One complete month of sabbath, I wanted to take a break for

  1. More books, more stories, more chats, more orkut, more emails.
  2. More phone calls, more traveling, more driving.
  3. I haven’t read a blog post from 17 sep from my blog reader account only source of info is eco times for 30 mins.

I will be back with a special story, “I met with an accident”, Don’t miss this one, I am yet to start it.