Sabbatical Month in blogging world

I am keeping very busy with office related work which includes an incentive policy improvements, hiring some 30 to 40 more team members (that is doubling the total strength), shifting the servers to php 5, installing sugarcrm and integrating it with phpbb. There are plenty of issues involved but I will be blog about few topics tonight but I will keep this month a sabbatical one for blogging.

Looks like I am not the only one but I see seobook, mattcutts all celebrating the sabbatical month.

Phplist and Phpbb integration

I am not well and having some fever so can’t outside home. Some soft music and programming in my pajamas is no less programming heaven for a part time programmer like me.

You too can join me, the latest documentation is available at You can put you suggestion as comments under this thread. Jesse Heap has already helped me with wordpress and phplist integration.

Few of requirements,

  • Need to understand how the rss feed based subscriptions work.
  • Integrating means nothing is repeated and thus phpbb and phplist sharing the login system.
  • The documentation will help me work in phases.

Join me, add a comment and I will contact you. Also if you are interested add a comment that I can keep you updated with the progress.

Idealwebtools launches its beta

Today I was not well and was down with fever. So I tried my hands on few new things like phpwiki. I spent some time with phplist and phpbb integration, it is a pain for last few months. PhpBB is the best forum application and phplist the best mailing application, the integration will surely empower both. My previous work of making single user wordpress a multi user is working very fine.

To do proper testing and documentation I have create a beta version of, It has all the documentation, anyone who wants to offer a helping hand is welcome and will be highly appreciated.

Some good sections for the day: Matt cutts wishing everyone a very happy diwali (He is the interface between webmasters and Google). It is so nice of him.

If you are interested in such a integration please add a comment that I can speed up the work. This integration is very important for myblogplanner.

MSN is really sick – See the result yourself

Do Google do SEO or manipulate results? Find it yourself. I asked the same question to 4 search engines, “What is a better search engine?”,

Google says, “Ofcourse I am the best, even my UK version is 3rd. AltaVista is 2nd as they promised me a better ranking. MSN is fourth. Yahoo is 7th. Ask is 8th”. (see the results).

Yahoo says, “Google made me 7th and I made them 8th. I am still behind Google and planning to hire a SEO expert for a better ranking. Something like, ‘ Yahoo looking for a SEO expert who can make Yahoo #1 for ‘ search engine’ keyphrase in Yahoo’. Ask did not give me a top 10 listing so I am going to throw them at #10. MSN is really sick and I do not consider it a search engine so no top 10 ranking”. (see the results)

MSN says, “I am really sick as according to me neither yahoo not Google is a search engine. For me submitexpress, a SEO company, is a search engine. I love spamming and most of my results say that. I know that I am not a good search engine so I have not given myself a ranking. Everyone is giving ask a rank in top 10 so I will give them 2 positions, one at # 3 and another at # 10.” (see the results)

ASK says, “If everyone says I am #1 let myself me #1, ask is #1. Google, yahoo and msn are no search engines as they do a lot of other activities. I have reciprocal linking so I have not given them a place in top 10.” (see the results)

I do not know why I did this post, may be to say that MSN is really sick.

A good experiment – Do not forget to read my post on the GYM experiment for a low valued keyphrase to understand various algorithm.

A paradox here – Is google a good search engine? It says yes, it ranks #1 for “search engine”. The worst search engine as proved above is msn and many will agree with me. If google is a good search engine then why is it ranking msn as fourth.

Ajesh got placed in Wipro

I did say Good night in my last post as I was tired. I think today was a good day rather a better day as my Brother got placed in Wipro. As any other freasher he was worried about his placement and God Almighty helped him to get into one of the best companies.
Ajesh got placed in Wipro

His name is Ajesh Issac and he is a fourth year student of Computer Science Engineering. Wishing him all the very best, well done bro.

Once again a good night.

YPE camp 2006 – Bhelai

I am very tired after hectic work. I think I should take some rest tonight instead of blogging. People across the globe (esp Ex YPE secretaries, Mr Gigi Thomas from Qatar and Miss Merlin Luckose from Canada, they have all reasons too :)) are eagerly waiting to see the camp pics. Today morning I did try to upload it to yahoo directory but it did not work out. I then uploaded some of the images to I already have some pics uploaded for the blog.

(Some of our back benchers after a sleepless night, first session of the camp)

(Some of our back benchers after a sleepless night, first session of the camp)

The breakfast session

The Lunch session, we managed to take it to our rooms, later many other followed the method. Was it illegal?

Early morning 6:30, morning tea session. I was sitting ok, it the photographers fault. I am too lazy to make rotate it 90 deg using photoshop. Sorry for the inconvenience.

True winners, two winners. Our Pastor, our coach and our captain, our YPE sec< br/>

We call it Mukka Lath session. We had almost 30 seats, half compartment booked. We called all junis and then it was Mukka lath session. Anson getting his share.

I will uploading more pics tomorrow morning. Keep watching.

Update 12 oct: Added more pics at

Series of 101 posts with 11 tips

Recently I saw an increasing attraction for lists, so I have decided to cover 101 such lists with 11 tips for topics ranging from finance to technology, from HR to marketing, from SEO, SEM to social networking. I must also include few misc posts under this series.

If you know me then let me know your topic of preference. While considering a topic please check it with my work and interest, else I will have to call guest writers.

If you want to cover a 11 tips topic, please send me a mail at ajiissac(at) and I will publish it under your name (Guest writers).

Some of the topics I am planning to cover under this series are:-

  • 11 lessons for budding entrepreneurs.
  • 11 tips for forum management/community building.
  • 11 tips for successful blogging.
  • 11 great ways of getting links.
  • 11 things to avoid as a leader.
  • 11 forums I visit regularly.
  • 11 blogs that I read regularly.
  • 11 funniest jokes.
  • 11 greatest stories.

The series will continue till we reach the 101th list (want to complete it in next 100 days). As I said you can put your request under this post.

I am back

I am back in Kolkata after a 3 day off from WWW (web, work, West Bengal). The trip to Bhelai was good, enjoy every moment of it. We reached Durg Railway station at 3:45 am IST Monday morning. I tried to get some sleep but could not manage that day. Monday we had competitions and our church did fairly below expectation. We were not depressed as we wanted some other team to win this time. Second day after when everyone had a sound sleep swept many additional and unexpected points to keep the trophy for 4th consecutive year.

We got 66 points while the host came second with 62 points, the closest competition so far. More than the competition the youths were challenged by the Guest speaker Pastor V.O.Varghese. He certainly talk the walk and that challenges you more than anything.

Now I am back in Kolkata and somehow managed to go through 77 mails. Today was busy with all the pending work and report updation.

I will get back to blogging from tomorrow, I think I should get some sleep now.

“Who should read this” section for blogs

Who should read this: All who are serious about blogging and wants to try new things with blogs.

Notice the recent posts,

If you notice the recent posts including this one you will see a section called “Who should read this”. I have added this section to save my regular visitors time. I prefer to write on various topics from Search Engine Giant Google to Directory head Hedir, from marketing to HR and everything else available under Google search. Also I sometimes hundreds of words. Due to diverse and long posting my daily visitor may find themselves lost, or they may miss an important post so I decided to add this section to help them decide.

I have added it as I myself is more of a blog reader and I read following from home

I read many others from office which is mostly related to US credit system or Online marketing. I have added it as a live bookmark to save my time.

As I reader I always had problems in determining the post’s worth for me. I certainly do not want to waste time in reading something completely irrelevant and more importantly I do not want to miss any important topic because of irrelevant start or unassociated topic title. Do let me know your opinion about this addition.